Modernity, accountability and transparency will strengthen the cooperative movement: Amit Shah

Telugu super news, Hyderabad,August 8th,2023:Inaugurating the digital portal of the Central Registrar of Cooperative Societies (CRCS) office in Pune, Maharashtra on Sunday, Union Home and Cooperative Minister Amit Shah said, ‘cooperative movement cannot move forward without modernity, transparency and accountability.’

To increase the acceptance of cooperative movement, transparency has to be increased and accountability has to be fixed. Only a transparent system can connect crores of people of the country. Shah clearly believes that the operations of the Central Registrar’s Office, responsible for overseeing multi-state cooperative societies, will undergo full digitization.

This transformation is expected to streamline business processes within the cooperative sector. All the work of cooperative societies like opening new branches, expansion to other states or auditing, will be done online now.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the guidance of Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah, the Ministry of Cooperation has taken several initiatives across the country to realize the mantra of prosperity through cooperation and to strengthen the cooperative movement. To promote ease of doing business in the cooperative sector, a significant step has been taken to computerize the office of the Central Registrar of Multi-State Cooperative Societies.

The main objectives of this initiative include implementing a completely paperless system, ensuring automatic compliance of the Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act and Rules through software, enhancing ease of doing business, enabling digital communication, and ensuring transparency. 

1555 multi-state cooperative societies of the country will be benefited by the portal. On same lines, Modi Government is going to computerize the offices of registrar of cooperative societies of the states which will ease the communication with 8 lakh cooperative societies across the country.

Guided by Shah’s visionary perspective, the effort to extend the cooperative movement to every village through PACS is progressing rapidly. Upon observation, it becomes evident that the culture of cooperatives, originating in Maharashtra, has permeated throughout the entire nation. The cooperative model established here is serving as a driving force propelling the cooperative movement across the country.

Therefore, it is entirely relevant to start the work of completely digitalizing the office of the Central Registrar of Cooperative Societies in Pune, Maharashtra. This portal has been created including all the activities of Registration, amendment of bylaws, auditing, monitoring of auditing by the Central Registrar, the entire process of election, development of Human Resources, vigilance and training and it is a kind of complete portal.

The cooperative sector has been rejuvenated in the last 9 years. Shah, the country’s first Cooperative Minister, has done the work of bringing radical changes in the cooperative sector. Today, if a poor person lacks the capital to initiate an enterprise, then the cooperative movement emerges as a suitable path.

Through this movement, numerous individuals with limited capital can collaborate to establish a substantial enterprise. India has given many success stories of cooperatives like Amul, IFFCO and KRIBHCO to the world.  

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