Amrutanjan Comfy rolls out menstrual hygiene awareness initiative across more towns

Telugu super news,December 4th, 2023:  The company, which has already raised awareness among 4.5 lakh young girls across 1,450 towns in India about menstrual hygiene, is now rolling out the initiative in 360 towns across Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh to reach out to another 2.5 lakh girl students across four states in India to raise awareness as part of the next phase of its Project Disha initiative. Comfy Snug Fita fast-growing menstrual hygiene brand from the house of Amrutanjan Health Care.

At the end of the third phase, Project Disha would have directly impacted 7 lakh girls in over 1,800 towns across India. As part of the drive, the company also distributed their Sanitary Pads – Comfy, which offers 80% better absorption than cloth and are priced reasonably. Now in its third year, Project Disha has been implemented in 10 states, covering 900 towns, 400 schools, and 100 Anganwadi centers. The project extends its reach to homes and high-footfall areas.

Project Disha is part of Amrutanjan Comfy’s commitment to increase awareness about menstrual hygiene and educate women about the benefits of using sanitary pads over cloth usage. The company recognises the pivotal role that proper hygiene plays in women’s health and well-being, and it wants to empower them by dismantling the barriers that hinder their access to essential menstrual hygiene products.

Mr. S. Sambhu Prasad, Chairman & Managing Director, Amrutanjan Health Care Limited, said, “Elevating women’s hygiene transcends societal duty; it stands as a fundamental necessity. Fostering a robust and healthier society hinges on guaranteeing that the women in our communities not only have access to top-tier and affordable hygiene products but also receive comprehensive education on the subject. We acknowledge that the prosperity of our nation is intricately linked to the well-being of its women. Thus, our unwavering commitment is geared towards actively contributing to the realization of this imperative goal.”

Menstrual health awareness and education remain limited in many parts of India, with 50% of women aged between 15-24 years still using cloth for menstrual hygiene due to affordability and accessibility challenges. Raising awareness about women’s hygiene in rural areas is of paramount importance, as it directly impacts multiple facets of life. Access to hygiene resources and knowledge not only safeguards their health but also empowers them, enhancing their self-esteem and dignity. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in education, as girls with the knowledge and resources for good hygiene are more likely to attend school regularly with fewer hygiene-related interruptions. In addition to the personal and educational benefits, improved women’s hygiene can have economic implications, such as reduced healthcare expenses and enabling them to actively participate in income-generating activities.

Amrutanjan Healthcare has also worked with the Samvedana Development Society to create menstrual hygiene awareness and promote sanitary pad usage in Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoi district during FY22. Through education, access to high-quality products, and awareness-building, Amrutanjan hopes to transform communities, empower women, and create a healthy future for all women.

India’s largest and most trusted OTC Antacid brand ENO launches ENO Chewy Bites- First of its Kind Tasty Chewable Antacid in India

Telugu super news,India, 28th November 2023: ENO, a leading digestive brand by Haleon (erstwhile GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare), proudly announces the launch of the first-of-its kind chewable antacid, ENO Chewy Bites’ available in two tasty flavours, Tangy Lemon, and Zesty Orange.

For more than five decades, ENO has been a trusted companion for millions, providing instant relief from acidity. New ENO Chewy Bites is an innovation tailored to modern lifestyle- increased habit of eating outside. Now wherever acidity happens be it airport, station, restaurants or malls. Just Chew these new tasty Chewy Bites and get ENO’s trusted fast and effective relief.

ENO Chewy Bites contains natural ingredients, carrying the power 1000 mg of Khatika Churna which gets to work on acidity within 1 min. ENO Chewy Bites is gentle on the stomach and can be consumed by both adults and children above 12 years of ageIt is available in three SKUs- Single’s pillow pouch, pack of 10s & pack of 30s.

Bringing the revolutionary new product to life ENO Chewy Bites TV, Print and social media communication would be live in all major channels and publications. The TV ad shows a father and son duo in a food expedition in a birthday party of a friend – a typical out of home food moment, when their enjoyment comes to a sudden halt due to acidity and at that key moment of interruption ENO Chewy Bites comes as a saviour with its anytime and anywhere convenience.  The TVC has been conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, India and developed by Director Surjo Deb of Ubik films.

Speaking on ENO launching new Chewable format, Ms. Anurita Chopra, Head of Marketing, said, “As a legacy brand in digestive care, ENO recognises the evolving needs and preferences of its consumers. ENO Chewy Bites is a testament to our commitment to innovation and passion for enhancing everyday well-being of its consumers with a more convenient format. Our goal is to bring not just instant relief but also provide a more suitable option for consumption. With this revolutionary launch, we’re offering a unique and enjoyable way to address acidity, all while reinforcing the trust and reliability that the brand is known for.”

Speaking on the revolutionary launch, Mr. Kishlay Seth, Category Lead—Digestive Health, said, “Modern lifestyle has increased out of home and on the go snacking behaviour resulting in an increased incidence of acidity when we are outside. Such situations require a fast action solution which is convenient to carry and consume. New ENO Chewy Bites istasty, chewable, easy to carry and requires no water, thus offering our consumers the trusted ENO relief anytime, anywhere.

Speaking on the new launch and communication Ms. Ritu Sharda, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India (North) adds, ‘We are a food-loving country. We love to eat kahin bhi kahin bhi. Which also means that acidity can strike kahin bhi kabhi bhi. ENO chewy bites is a great format to keep you ready to enjoy life no matter when acidity strikes. We’ve brought this to life in this new campaign that shows a quick-witted mother emerging as a savior, armed with the revolutionary Chewy Bites.

“TATA AIG Launches “Health Supercharge’ – Providing 5X Enhanced Coverage for Your Well-being

Telugu super news,Mumbai, November 28, 2023: TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited, one of the general insurance providers, has launched “Health Supercharge”, to provide a 5X boost in health insurance coverage protection to address the evolving landscape of health uncertainties. TATA AIG Health Supercharge has been meticulously designed to meet the diverse healthcare needs of families across Tier I to Tier IV locations.

With a sum insured ranging from INR 5 lacs to INR 20 lacs, TATA AIG Health Supercharge is a holistic approach towards safeguarding a family’s well-being. Customers can choose from options of two plan variants (Value Plan & Geo Plan), basis their geographical location, and other optional benefits offered under the product as per one’s requirement. TATA AIG ensures widespread access to quality healthcare with a network of 10,000+ hospitals across the country, offering policyholders a diverse range of choices for their medical needs.

Speaking about the new health insurance policy – TATA AIG Health Supercharge, Dr. Santosh Puri, Senior Vice President – Health Product & Process, TATA AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd. said, “At TATA AIG, we focus on prioritizing our customers’ health and well-being of their family, without any compromise and continuously strive to design innovative health risk solution for our customers. With the launch of Health Supercharge, we will be able to provide policyholders with 5X more coverage for their well-being. In a world where the incidence of lifestyle diseases is on the rise, this policy stands as a testament to our dedication to enabling quality healthcare access to our customers. Because our health deserves 5X more coverage, we’ve designed a product that is customizable, affordable, and also focusing on wellness as well as preventive healthcare.”

Key Highlights of Tata AIG Health Supercharge include:

·         5X Supercharge Bonus: The product introduces an enhanced level of coverage through a 5X supercharge bonus, ensuring comprehensive protection for families. This policy offers on each renewal a bonus of 50% of base sum insured of the expiring Policy and accumulating maximum bonus up to 500% of the base sum insured in any Policy Year irrespective of claims.

·         Young Family Discount which stays with You: Families below the age of 40 years or below at the time of first policy inception can benefit from an extra 5% discount which is also applicable upon policy renewals, irrespective of claims, making health insurance more accessible for the younger families.

·         Premiums: Specifically crafted to cater to Tier III & Tier IV populations and the affordable customer segment of Tier I and Tier II cities.

·         Customizable Options: The policy offers tailored flexibility with two plan variants (Value Plan & Geo Plan), and optional benefits such as unlimited restore, reduction of Pre-Existing Disease (PED) waiting period for named ailments.

·         In-built Wellness Services and Wellness Program: For our customers to promote and maintain their good health and well-being.

·         Preventive Annual Health Check-up: Can be availed by the insured persons once in a policy year, irrespective of claims, by paying an additional premium.

Venkaiah Naidu unveils ‘Live For A Legacy’, a book written by the city’s well-known Robotic Cancer Surgeon

Telugu super news,Hyderabad, November 16, 2023:Former Vice President of India, M. Venkaiah Naidu unveiled a book titled ‘Live For A Legacy’, a Perspective of a Cancer Surgeon, Dr. Chinnababu Sunkavalli in a function held at Hotel Daspalla on Wednesday evening. The book was written as narrated to, Mr Arun Tiwari

Early detection, daily exercise, and eating good food are important for a healthy body and mind. He told doctors to take time out on weekends and travel to neighbourhoods and rural areas to create awareness about cancer and healthy lifestyles. People will listen to doctors.

Cancer is not a death sentence anymore. With the latest technology, we need not worry. There are the latest technologies, competent doctors and hospitals available to treat cancer, he said.

He stressed healthy eating habits. Nowadays kitchens have become inactive and people prefer instant food. If you eat instant food, you will get constant diseases, he said. He stressed eating indigenous food.

I am retired but not yet tired. I prefer going to meetings to get inspired, Venkaiah Naidu added.

We live to leave and what we leave behind will live on in the hearts of those whom we touch with our living. This is as exciting as fearful. For India to have better cancer survival rates we all need to collectively work to prevent and detect early, said Dr. Chinnababu in his opening remarks.

Death by Cancer has reduced by 33% in Western countries due to early detection, awareness and good technologies and medication, Dr Chinnababu said.

Prof Arun Tiwari the co-author said Dr Abdul Kalam advised him to write a book every year, which I never thought I would do, but it is happening now. This is my 25th book. He advised people to follow my elders’ advice. We become what we are because of our teachers.

The book provides the science behind the evolution of cancer over a hundred years and leaves hope and optimism. It talks about options available for treatment and ways to contain it. The WHO set the Goal of Cervical Cancer Elimination by 2030 to vaccinate 90% of girls by 15 years of age against the HPV and 190 countries are signatories to the declaration. One chapter in the book dealt with HPV Vaccine human papillomavirus).

More than 190 countries are signatories to this declaration and have committed to the achievement of the Targets, set as follows: The first is for 90% of girls to be fully vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV) by the age of 15 years.

The book establishes the purpose of life as a legacy, introduces the science behind cancer in a conscious and easy-to-understand manner, oversees present and emerging treatment scenarios and takes away the fear of the dreaded malady of cancer.

Dr. Chinnababu Sunkavalli is a Robotic Cancer Surgeon, researcher and social entrepreneur. He has crafted a spectrum of legacy already from cutting-edge cancer treatment to emerging bio-pharmaceutical research to mobile cancer diagnostics units in rural areas.

Prof. Arun Tiwari is a former missile scientist, a pioneer of civilian spinoffs of defence technology in India, an earnest pupil of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India and the co-author of his autobiography Wings of Fire, celebrated as a modern classic. This is his 25th book.

The Foreword of the book is written by Bart S. Fisher, an International Attorney and Philanthropist. He is working with Dr Chinnababu Sunkavalli and the Grace Cancer Foundation to establish a bone marrow transplant registry in India as a resource to treat marrow failure diseases such as leukaemia and thalassemia. He writes Cancer which remains unconquered now is likely to turn in future into another chronic disease rather than a fatal one taking lives.

Dr Chinnababu has made developing an affordable HPV vaccine a part of his legacy. I will be supporting it in due course, Bart S. Fisher wrote in the preface.

Bart writes that it is a must to read books, not only medical fraternity but everyone whom the cancer touched in some way or the other. The book offers a positive outlook for the future of cancer treatment.

The message of the book is abundantly clear to make society get involved in the cancer treatment of the poor and their rehabilitation, he added.

India has the tradition of taking care of the boor by the affluent, But there is some slippage and the book rightly highlights this issue.

What succeeds in India can become the template for the rest of the developing world, Bart stated.

It is difficult for medical professionals to write a book as time is scarce for them. A book like this is only written occasionally writes Dr Rajendra Achyut Badwe, Director of Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai in an introduction to the book. Cancer is now conquered in terms of mortality and might become chronic in future. It would be even curable, he writes.

The book published praises received from different walks of life. Notable among them is Venkaiah Naidu, former Vice President who said cancer is a societal disease that affects everyone and all must support patients to mitigate their pain.

Another noteworthy praise is from Dr. Dattatreyudu Nori, a noted Indo-American radiation oncologist said that the book will inspire the next generation of Cancer Surgeons.

Dr G. Surender Rao, Managing Director of Yashoda Hospitals heaped praise on Dr Chinnababu as a shining star of Yashoda’s galaxy. He has a great mix of medical skills and team building. For us, our legacy is leading cancer treatment in India and this book points to the way ahead.

Dr Pavan Gorukanti, Director of Yashoda Hospitals, who was the guest of honour added that Hyderabad is the hub for the best of the best medical care and medical devices for cancer and Oncologists, the book is a great contribution to the profession, he added.

Dr. Gullapalli N. Rao, Founder-Chair of LV Prasad Eye Institute adds that the book candidly presents the science of cancer to dispel fear and create awareness that it is just another disease that can be tackled and defeated.

Another important message of the book is “Cancer is the most curable chronic disease. But it is more often fatal as well”.

The book is divided into four sections—Becoming, Science, Treatment and Containing Cancer. It has 24 chapters.

The 292-page, hardbound English book is published by Sakal Publications. It is written in easy-to-follow language.

The launch was graced by over 200 who’s who of the medical fraternity of the city.

Smart Health Pro: Star Health’s Fully Digital, Customizable Health Insurance Product!

Telugu super news,India, 16 November 2023: Star Health and Allied Insurance, India’s leading standalone health insurer has launched its digital-only health policy, Smart Health Pro. This policy empowers customers with the flexibility to personalize their coverage by selecting from five optional add-on covers. Aimed at catering to the evolving needs of the digital-native population of India, the policy allows individuals to choose a sum insured tailored to their distinct needs from a diverse spectrum of coverage, ranging from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.1 crore.

This innovative product is set to transform the way individuals secure comprehensive health insurance. The policy offers customers the freedom to customize their insurance cover with five add on optional covers that best suit their needs, thereby giving customers more control over their policies.

1.       Unlimited Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured: The opted sum insured will be restored unlimited number of times, to a maximum of up to 100% each time. This restored sum insured can be utilized for subsequent hospitalization. The restoration feature is trigged upon partial or full utilization of the limit of cover. Such restored sum insured can be utilized for all claims including subsequent hospitalizations.

2.       Cumulative Bonus Booster: 50% of sum insured for each claim free year and maximum up to 600% of the sum insured

3.       Modification of Room Category: Insured person can enhance/ reduce the room category from private single A/c room to any room / shared accommodation

4.       Reduction of Pre-Existing Diseases Waiting Period: Insured person can reduce the pre-existing diseases waiting period from 48 months to 36/24/12 months.

5.       Coverage for Non-medical Items: Items listed as non-medical items fall under consumables and are normally excluded from insurance coverage. With this new optional cover, items listed as Non-medical items will become payable if there is an admissible claim under the policy for inpatient or day-care treatment

Smart Health Pro offers both individual and floater covers for families up to 2 adults and 3 children. This product ensures seamless coverage for hospitalization due to illnesses or accidents, including AYUSH treatments, Modern Treatments, and Home care treatment. The policy accommodates mid-term inclusions for Newlyweds, Newborns, and adopted children. Policyholders will also have access to Star Health’s 24×7 free telemedicine consultation and can participate in wellness programs that are managed by experienced medical experts.

Mr. Anand Roy, MD and CEO, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. said, “Smart Health Pro embodies Star Health’s commitment to innovation, personalization, and accessibility. In today’s dynamic world, health insurance must adapt to individual needs. This digital-first initiative not only provides comprehensive coverage but also empowers families to tailor their policies with ease. We are bridging gaps, making health insurance inclusive and user-friendly, especially for the youth and rural communities. With Smart Health Pro, we’re not just offering insurance; we’re providing peace of mind, ensuring everyone can access quality healthcare when they need it most. In an era where the digital medium plays a pivotal role in our lives, we are happy to introduce a product specifically curated to meet the needs of India’s tech-savvy generation.”

This initiative reflects Star Health’s customer-first ethos, merging convenience and customization. Embracing digital platforms, the insurer endeavours to bridge gaps in health insurance accessibility, especially in rural India, encouraging people to protect their financial wellbeing.

Key Features of Smart Health Pro Insurance Policy:

Available for persons from 18 years up to 50 years. For dependent children sum insured will be for a minimum – 18 years and maximum up to 50 years

Available Sum Insured Options : Rs.5 Lakhs, Rs.10 Lakhs, Rs.15 Lakhs, Rs.20 Lakhs, Rs.25 Lakhs, Rs.50 Lakhs, Rs.75 Lakhs, Rs.1 Cr

Covers the – In-patient hospitalization, Day Care treatment, Road Ambulance, pre & post hospitalization expenses, Domiciliary Hospitalization, Annual Health check-up, Homecare treatment

Additional benefits: Tele-health services and Wellness Services 

Automatic Restoration of Basic Sum Insured once by 100% upon exhaustion of the sum insured and no claim bonus during the policy period

Discount on Renewal Premium – Insured can avail 10% discount for first purchase and its renewals

Glenmark’s La Shield® Shines Bright,Wins Best Consumer Healthcare Digital Marketing Campaign Award

Telugu super news,Mumbai, November 8, 2023: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited (Glenmark), a research-led, global pharmaceutical company announced that its skincare brand, La Shield®, has been honored with the “Best Consumer Healthcare Digital Marketing Campaign” award at the recently concluded Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) OTC Health and Wellness Conference 2023.

This accolade recognized La Shield®’s innovative and impactful digital marketing strategy. The campaign ‘Be Sun wise’ leveraged the available online information through dynamic creative optimization to provide consumers with relevant, real-time, city-specific UV index data. This science-backed, information-centric approach has set new standards in consumer awareness and brand adoption.

Highlighting the significance of this recognition, Mr. Alok Malik, President and Head of India Formulations Business at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd., commented, “We are deeply honored to receive this award. At Glenmark, our commitment towards customer empowerment consistently fuels our endeavors. The recognition for La Shield® is a testament to our initiative of promoting informed decision-making amongst consumers. Through this award-winning campaign, we successfully delivered palatable, crucial data to our users, empowering them to make smart decisions concerning their skin health. This award further instills our resolution to discover novel ways of engaging with our customers.”

The success of La Shield®’s digital marketing initiative underlines Glenmark Pharmaceuticals’ dedication to pioneering advancements in skincare and its continuous efforts to prioritize consumer well-being through science-backed solutions. The OPPI award underscores Glenmark’s commitment to sustainable innovation and customer-centricity, reinforcing its standing as a leader in the consumer healthcare domain. La Shield® offers a unique line of products well-regarded by dermatologists and consumers alike. Staying true to its commitments, La Shield® aims to provide comprehensive skincare protection against environmental stressors including UV radiation, pollution, smoke and dust.

The OPPI OTC Health and Wellness Conference is organized with the objective of promoting responsible self-care among individuals. The conference aims to empower consumers by providing them with evidence-based information on the appropriate use and safety of over the counter (OTC) medications. The platform celebrates leading healthcare and pharma innovators, honoring them for their exceptional contributions in consumer healthcare.

RSV infection in children

Dr. Srinivas Jakka, Senior Consultant Paediatrician and Pulmonologist,

Ankura Hospital for Women and Children

Telugu super news,november 8th,2023:Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, is one of the most common viruses causing respiratory infection across the world. Many people recover in a week or two with mild, cold-like symptoms but the disease can be severe in infants, elderly populations, and certain high-risk groups.

Mode of spread

RSV is highly contagious. It spreads through droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The virus enters the body when an individual inhales air containing the infected droplets. It can also be spread by contact with a contaminated surface. RSV now accounts for 14% of all influenza-like illnesses (ILI) across the country. RSV often occurs in yearly outbreaks in communities, classrooms, and childcare centres. The infection is more common in early spring and winter months. RSV can affect a person of any age but causes the most problems for infants and the elderly. Also, babies born prematurely or with diseases of the heart, lung, or immune system are at increased risk for more severe illness.

Common symptoms

Symptoms start about 2 to 5 days after contact with the virus. The early phase of RSV in babies and young children is often mild, like the common cold. In younger children, the illness may cause inflammation in the airways (bronchiolitis) and lungs (pneumonia) causing more severe illness.

The most common symptoms of RSV include:

·       Fever  

·       Runny nose

·       Sore throat

·       Cough

·       Difficulty in feeding

·       Wheezing

·       Breathlessness (breathing faster than usual, or increased work of breathing)

·       Short periods without breathing (apnea)

·       Turning blue around the lips and fingertips 

The symptoms of RSV can however mimic many other respiratory viral infections. The child needs to be seen by a Paediatrician if any worrying symptoms like high temperatures, severe cough, poor feeding, or breathing difficulties, drowsiness etc. are seen.

Diagnosis of RSV infection

The diagnosis is based on the above symptoms and specific tests. There are now tests available (PCR tests) to confirm the diagnosis of RSV infection as well as other common viruses. These involve taking a swab from the nose similar to the COVID testing.

Treatment will depend on the child’s symptoms, age, and general health. Antibiotics are not effective against RSV and other viruses that cause common cold and flu-like symptoms. Specific treatments using drugs like Ribavirin are indicated only in selected groups of patients. In the remaining patients, treatment is mainly symptomatic and supportive.

This includes ensuring that the child receives adequate fluids orally. Paracetamol might be given for fever. Sick patients might require hospital admission and additional treatments like intravenous (IV) fluids, oxygen, and nebulization. Extremely sick patients might require Intensive care unit (ICU) admission and breathing support using a breathing machine (ventilator).


RSV vaccination is available for the elderly (above 60 years) and at-risk newborn babies in some countries. However, there are some general measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of infection including:

·       Encouraging breastfeeding.

·       Preventing contact with sick people.

·       General hygienic measures like the use of masks, sanitizers,  hand hygiene etc.

·       Sick people should avoid going to school, work, and other public places.

·       Sick people should cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing.

These measures are especially important in the above-mentioned high-risk groups during the RSV season.

TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited (“TATA AIG”) offers travel insurance to passengers of Air India

Telugu super news,Mumbai, November 7, 2023: TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited, one of the insurance providers in the general insurance space, offers travel insurance to Air India, for both of its domestic and international travellers. The objective is to enhance Air India passengers’ journeys, thereby allowing them to enjoy their travels. Customers can seamlessly purchase travel insurance while booking their flights through Air India’s various booking platforms.

Further, the passengers of Air India can buy comprehensive travel insurance cover while booking the flight ticket. Insurance covers are designed to provide comprehensive coverage to passengers travelling to domestic as well to international destinations.

Speaking about this association with Air India, Neelesh Garg, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, TATA AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd., said “We have joined forces with iconic brand Air India to provide travellers with simple, customized travel insurance coverage for both domestic and international journeys. Customers can now seamlessly purchase travel insurance while booking their flights through Air India’s mobile and web platforms. With a wide range of insurance covers that cater to the diverse needs of travellers, we are committed to making travel safer and more enjoyable.”

Nipun Aggarwal, Chief Commercial & Transformation Officer, Air India, said “The launch of this travel insurance in association with TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited will help our customers to protect themselves against multiple risks. Integrated into our website booking flow and at the contact centres, this is yet another endeavour to enhance the travel experience of our passengers at every touchpoint. Our common commitment to excellence in safety and customer service lies at the forefront of our joint efforts.”

For more information, please visit,

ఏజియాస్ ఫెడరల్ లైఫ్ ఇన్సూరెన్స్ హైదరాబాద్ హాఫ్ మారథాన్ 2023 టైటిళ్లను గెలుచుకున్న విజేతలు

హైదరాబాద్, నవంబర్ 6, 2023: తెలంగాణకు చెందిన బి రమేష్ చంద్ర, మహారాష్ట్రకు చెందిన ప్రజక్తా గాడ్‌బోలే ఆదివారం హైదరాబాద్ లో జరిగిన ప్రతిష్టాత్మక ఏజియాస్ ఫెడరల్ లైఫ్ ఇన్సూరెన్స్ హైదరాబాద్ హాఫ్ మారథాన్ 2023లో విజయం సాధించారు. రమేష్ చంద్ర 21.1 కిలోమీటర్ల దూరాన్ని ఒక గంట 13 నిమిషాల 10 సెకన్లలో పరుగుపెట్టి హాఫ్ మారథాన్ ఛాంపియన్‌గా నిలిచారు. సతీష్ కుమార్ (1.15:50) , పీయూష్ మసానే (1.16:56) ఈ విభాగంలో మిగిలిన రెండు స్థానాలను కైవసం చేసుకున్నారు.

మహిళల్లో, 28 ఏళ్ల ప్రజక్తా గాడ్‌బోలే హాఫ్ మారథాన్ ను ఒక గంట 23 నిమిషాల 45 సెకన్లలో అధిగమించారు. తద్వారా భారతదేశపు అగ్ర శ్రేణి మారథాన్ రన్నర్‌లలో ఒకరిగా తన ఖ్యాతిని నొక్కి చెప్పింది. ఆమె తర్వాతి స్థానాల్లో ప్రీను యాదవ్ (1.24.46), తేజస్విని ఉంబ్కానె (1.25:11) రెండు, మూడు స్థానాల్లో నిలిచారు.

క్రికెట్ దిగ్గజం మరియు ఏజియాస్ ఫెడరల్ లైఫ్ ఇన్సూరెన్స్ బ్రాండ్ అంబాసిడర్, సచిన్ టెండూల్కర్ తెల్లవారుజామున జెండా ఊపి ప్రారంభించారు. ఈ రన్ లో 8,000 మందికి పైగా రన్నర్‌లు పాలన్నారు. NEB స్పోర్ట్స్ నిర్వహించిన హైదరాబాద్ హాఫ్ మారథాన్ 2023 దక్షిణాదిలో అతిపెద్ద రన్నింగ్ ఈవెంట్‌లలో ఒకటిగా నిలిచింది.

ఈ రన్ ముగిసిన తరువాత సచిన్, భారత బ్యాడ్మింటన్ జట్టు చీఫ్ నేషనల్ కోచ్ పుల్లెల గోపీచంద్‌తో కలిసి హాఫ్ మారథాన్ విజేతలను సత్కరించారు.

“ఈ ఎడిషన్ హైదరాబాద్ హాఫ్ మారథాన్ విజేతలను నేను అభినందిస్తున్నాను. ఇంత పెద్ద స్థాయిలో రన్నర్లు పాల్గొన్నందుకు నేను చాలా సంతోషంగా వుంది. విజేతలకు మాత్రమే కాకుండా, అన్ని విభాగాలలో రన్ ఏజ్‌లెస్, రన్ ఫియర్‌లెస్ అనే సంకల్పంతో పాల్గొన్న ప్రతి ఒక్కరినీ అభినందిస్తున్నాను, ”అని టెండూల్కర్ అన్నారు.

“టైటిల్ స్పాన్సర్‌గా HHMలో భాగం కావడం మాకు ఆనందంగా ఉంది. భవిష్యత్ ఎడిషన్‌లలో దీన్ని మరింత పెద్దదిగా చేయడమే మా లక్ష్యం”అని ఏజియాస్ ఫెడరల్ లైఫ్ ఇన్సూరెన్స్ ఎండి & సీఈఓ విఘ్నేష్ షహానే అన్నారు. “

టైమ్డ్ 10K పోటీ చేతన్ కుమార్ (0.34:21) మరియు భరత్ సింగ్ (0.35:13) మధ్య ఫైట్ గా కనిపించింది, చేతన్ కిరీటాన్ని కైవసం చేసుకోగా నిఖిల్ ఎరిగిలా (0.35:24) మూడో స్థానంలో నిలిచారు.

మహిళల్లో, షీలు యాదవ్ (0.41:34) విజేతగా నిలిచారు, 7 నిమిషాల భారీ తేడాతో ఆమె టైటిల్‌ను కైవసం చేసుకుంది. ముస్కాన్ (0.48:29) మరియు యాంకీ దుక్పా (0.50:04) ద్వితీయ మరియు తృతీయ స్థానాల్లో నిలిచారు.

Half Marathon

Men: 1. B Ramesh Chandra (1:13.10); 2. Satish Kumar (1:15:50); 3. Piyush Masane (1:16:56)

Women: 1. Prajakta Godbole (1:23:45); 2. Preenu Yadav (1:24:46); 3. Tejaswini Umbkane (1:25:11)


Men: 1. Chetan Kumar (0.34:21); 2. Bharat Singh (0.35:13); 3. Nikhil Erigila (0.35:24)

Women: 1. Sheelu Yadav (0.41:34); 2. Muskan (0.48:29); 3. Yankey Dukpa (0.50:04)

Vicks Cough Drops ensures no cheer goes unheard with a special sign language version of #VicksKholIndiaBol Cheer Anthem

Telugu super news,India, novenber 1,2023: Vicks Cough Drops, the trusted brand known for its commitment to giving India a khich khich free voice, announced the launch of its special Indian Sign Language version of the #VicksKholIndiaBol Cheer Anthem in collaboration with ‘India Signing Hands’ – an organization dedicated to promoting Education, Awareness, and Accessibility for the Deaf Community in India.

Vicks Cough Drops has always been known for its iconic campaigns highlighting how it has enabled Indians to speak up in critical moments of life without any khich khich. Earlier this month, Vicks Cough Drops joined hands with cricket icon Yuvraj Singh to unveil its new #VicksKholIndiaBol Cheer Anthem celebrating our nation’s boundless enthusiasm for cricket and enable 142 crore Voice champions to cheer for their team this cricket season. 

Mr. Sahil Sethi, Category Leader – Personal Healthcare, P&G India stated, “Our #VicksKholIndiaBol anthem in collaboration with Yuvraj Singh, aims to inspire millions to cheer aloud with a khich khich free voice and support their team this cricket season with a josh like never before. Towards ensuring that no cheer goes unheard, we are delighted to launch a special version of this anthem in Indian Sign Language in collaboration with India Signing Hands for the 6.3 crore hearing-impaired cricket fans. Directed, performed, and edited by enthusiastic members of the hearing-impaired community from India Signing Hands, in collaboration with Vicks India, the sign language version brings together this special community of fans in cheering through their gestures, and celebrating their passion for the game.”

Mr. Alok Kejriwal, Founder & CEO – India Signing Hands shared, “It’s crucial to recognize that the individuals of the deaf community possess extraordinary talents, just like anyone else.  However, due to the physical constraints, they often find themselves and their voices hidden from the larger narrative of the society. Vicks has been a household brand for many of us, and we were so excited to be approached by Vicks Cough Drops to create this fun anthem in Indian Sign language to enable the deaf to also join in to cheer during this cricket season. The experience was incredibly moving. The participants, who often struggle to express themselves, found their voices through the anthem. They felt empowered, and the recording process became a memorable journey for many, filled with emotion and joy. We applaud Vicks Cough Drops for this inclusive effort and thank Yuvraj for his enthusiastic support.” 

The anthem features passionate fans from the community and Cricket icon Yuvraj Singh himself grooving to the lyrics using the Indian Sign Language. 

“I enjoyed learning and performing the #VicksKholIndiaBol anthem in Indian Sign Language. I thank Vicks and India Signing hands for this opportunity to connect with this very special community of cricket fans,” said Yuvraj Singh while sharing his experience. 

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