Discover India with India@9 and watch Healthy Tales on Sony BBC Earth this January

Telugu super News January 23, 2023:With a special Indian twist to its content line-up, Sony BBC Earth is all set to make Republic Day extra special for its viewers. Taking people on a unique journey through the wilderness of India, the channel is bringing forth ‘India@9’ – a special anthology that premieres content depicting India as you have never seen before. Sony BBC Earth will take viewers on a virtual trip to the Valley of the Flowers, nestled in the West Himalayas, and the young turtles hatching on the east coast of India. Further, entering the kitchen and debunking superfood myths, the channel is bringing forth ‘Healthy Tales’, a mix of shows focusing on health and food.

The Republic Day special anthology – India@9 is a mix of captivating series such as ‘Hidden India’ and ‘India’s Deadliest Snakes’. India is home to beautiful landscapes that leave people spellbound. Hidden India will take viewers on an excursion across the country depicting India’s stunning wildlife, ancient culture, and natural beauty. Whereas India’s Deadliest Snakes’ focuses on educating people about the most misunderstood species – the snakes, to reduce their fatality rate. The series delves deeper into the evolutionary past that explains one’s primal fear of these reptiles, examining myths and customs, and explaining why anti-venom is frequently ineffective.

The channel is bringing forth another interesting anthology titled ‘Healthy Tales’. It is a collection of shows that make people see health from a different perspective. ‘The Truth About Healthy Eating’ delves deeper into a subject affecting everyone, whether it is dispelling misconceptions about superfoods or debunking myths about mineral water. The show, ‘The Truth about Calories’, reveals facts that make people challenge everything they know about calories and food. It motivates them to eat smart instead of focusing on fancy diets. Unravelling the mysteries of radical diets and lifestyle choices with an intriguing twist is the next show ‘Eat To Live’. Whereas, in ‘Chef Vs Science’, scientist Mark Miodownik reveals the science behind the world’s most delicious dishes and the amazing transformations that food undergoes in the kitchen. In another series ‘Cook Clever’ viewers will witness how each person can help the planet by being more mindful of food wastage. It intends to change people’s cooking and food shopping habits by making them analyze the required quantity.

Watch the intriguing line-up of anthology shows that Sony BBC Earth is premiering this January!

Tune in to Sony BBC Earth, to watch a Republic special Anthology called ‘India @9’ from 9:00 PM onwards, and ‘Healthy Tales’ from 8:00 PM on 23 January.

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