Sony BBC Earth returns with the 3rd Edition of ‘Earth In Focus’

Telugu super news, National, August 21st , 2023: A picture is a poem without words as it captures moments in its purest form. Bringing in good news for all photography enthusiasts, Sony BBC launches the third edition of its much-awaited photography competition – ‘Earth In Focus’. Rooted in the belief that every photograph tells a compelling story, this year’s theme, ‘Pride of India’, celebrates the rich tapestry of India’s architecture, cultures, and people. The contest empowers photographers to embody the role of storytellers in a language that goes beyond words.

Earth In Focus invites photographers of all levels to participate and share their unique perspectives within the subcategories of Wildlife, Portraits, and Monuments. Commencing on August 21, the month-long competition will allow people to cast their vote for their favourite photos from amongst those submitted. The contest will be judged by Supreet Sahoo, an avid birdwatcher and an award-winning photographer with a specialty in Tropical bird photography.

The winners will be gratified with a SONY ZV-1F Vlog Camera along with getting a chance to be featured on the Sony BBC Earth channel. Additionally, the top 15 winners will receive an exclusive opportunity to learn from the industry stalwart – Mr. Sandeep Sahoo, further refining their craft and enhancing their storytelling skills.

The last edition of the contest centered around ‘Thrill of Life’ and received a phenomenal response for its sub-themes of Landscape, Adventure, and Wildlife. 

For more information about the Earth In Focus – Pride of India photography contest, including rules, submission guidelines, and updates, please visit starting August 21st.

Get Ready for a Summer of Explorations with Sony BBC Earth’s Exciting May premieres

Sony BBC Earth, with an exciting new line-up of shows, brings in a chance to journey through new destinations and experience new cultures and cuisines for its viewers. The channel has something in store for everyone, from mouthwatering food adventures with renowned chef Rick Stein to adrenaline-pumping experiences in Lonely Planet’s Year of Adventure. Viewers can sit back and enjoy an array of fascinating experiences from the comfort of their homes with a mix of travel, food, and lifestyle shows.

The month kickstarted on a high note with Rick Stein’s Spain and Rick Stein’s Taste of Shanghai. Viewers got a chance to join Rick Stein through the length and breadth of Spain to discover the authentic soul of Spanish cooking along with getting a virtual tour to the culinary adventures of Shanghai. The upcoming line-up comprise of Lonely Planet shows – ‘Lonely Planet Stressbuster’, ‘Lonely Planet:1000 Ultimate Experiences’ and ‘Lonely Planet: Year Of Adventure’. Lonely Planet Stressbuster explores unique ways to rejuvenate, revitalize, and reconnect across Asia.

Whereas ‘Lonely Planet:1000 Ultimate Experiences’ takes viewers on a trip around the world to experience the most awe-inspiring ancient sites, the best lip-smacking street food, and more. To cap off the Lonely Planet programming, Year Of Adventure sees adventurer Ben Fogle tackling a series of challenges in the US, Europe, and Australia, showcasing some of the most extraordinary and unexpected places on the planet.

Apart from this, the channel is premiering ‘New York: America’s Busiest City’ which explores the intricate logistics, engineering, and technology that keeps New York City’s commercial, economic, and cultural heart pumping.

So, get ready to mark your calendars and tune in to Sony BBC E

arth this May for an unforgettable viewing experience.

Travel the world from the comfort of your couch with a line-up of exciting shows from 12 PM and 8 PM, join Lonely Planet Stressbuster, Lonely Planet: 1000 Ultimate Experiences, and Lonely Planet: Year of Adventure series starting on May 15th, while at 2 PM and 10 PM, and finally, at 10 PM, experience the hustle and bustle of America’s busiest city with “New York: America’s Busiest City” starting on May 29th.

Sony BBC Earth celebrates Earth Day with an exciting line-up of shows

Sony BBC Earth

Telugu super news,National,April 18th,2023:Come Summer, Sony BBC Earth has planned some amazing line-up of shows making the vacation season merrier for its viewers. The channel has curated a special Earth Day line-up under its campaign ‘Care For Earth, Care For Life’. The shows aim at raising awareness about pressing environmental issues and encouraging viewers to protect the planet.

The content line-up includes four thought-provoking and informative shows, each highlighting the various challenges that our planet is facing today. ‘Water Brothers’ takes viewers on a global water adventure, showcasing the threat to our water sources and making people realize the value of water. ‘Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline’ sees Ade Adepitan travel to the frontlines of climate change to understand its impact on people’s lives and search for solutions. 

‘Ocean Rescue’ provides a worldwide perspective on humankind’s changing relationship with the sea, and sheds light on the devastating results of plastic pollution in oceans. It presents inspiring stories of people working to make a difference. 

‘Stacey Dooley Investigates: Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’ exposes the hidden costs of the fast-fashion industry and how it affects our planet.

Additionally, Sony BBC Earth has premiered a diverse set of shows which cater to the interests of viewers. With a focus on intriguing stories from the past and modern-day manufacturing marvels, viewers can expect to be entertained, educated, and inspired. The ‘Treasures Decoded Series 7’ unearths some of our childhood’s most intriguing, fabled stories in order to reveal historical secrets. In contrast, ‘Inside the Factory’ promises to take viewers on an exciting journey deep into some of the world’s most fascinating modern factories.

Watch the special Earth Day line-up airing from 22nd April onwards from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Sony BBC Earth launches the second season of much anticipated series ‘Dynasties’

Sony BBC Earth

Telugu Super News,National, March 21, 2023:After the stupendous success of its popular wildlife series ‘Dynasties’, Sony BBC Earth premieres the second season of the show with the theme ‘Legacy Must Live On’. With a compelling narrative, ‘Dynasties II’ promises to take the adventure quotient a notch higher than its first part. The show aims to provide fresh insights into the secret lives of some of the most charismatic animal species as they fight for their families against the odds. It is a grand visual spectacle narrated by Sir David Attenborough that reverberates that family is power. 

The six-part series explores the complexities of different animal dynasties, delving deep into their intricate social structures, behaviours and relationships that define their existence. ‘Dynasties II’ features surprising, dramatic, and heart-warming stories with iconic favourites, elephant and cheetah, as well as unearths the stories of some unsung heroes of the animal kingdom, puma and hyena. Filmed across the world, Dynasties II takes viewers on a visual tour from Patagonia’s frozen Andes and the plains of Zambia to sprawling grasslands in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro.

To create relevant chatter around the premiere of Dynasties II, the channel has associated with an Indian a-cappella band creating a song about legacy living on. The song is supported by a-cappella of animal sounds of all legendary animals that are part of the series and is entirely produced without the use of instruments. Furthermore, the channel is building engagement through non-ticketed exclusive screenings of the show across key metros – Mumbai (Nehru Science Centre), Delhi (India Habitat Centre) and Chennai (Dakshina Chitra).

Tune in to Sony BBC Earth on 20th March 2023, to watch Dynasties II at 12:00 PM and 09:00 PM!


Tushar Shah, ‘Chief Marketing Officer & Business Head – English Cluster & Sony AATH, Sony Pictures Networks India. 

“We are thrilled to premiere the second season of ‘Dynasties’, one of our most spectacular wildlife documentary series. This show introduces viewers to the thrill and drama of wildlife as some of the world’s most iconic animal species fight for the survival of their dynasties. With shows like this, we hope to continue entertaining audiences by exhibiting some never-seen-before stories from the wild.”

Simon Blakeney, Series Producer, Dynasties II

“We often tend to look at animals in general terms – what is ‘normal’ for a species – but what working on Dynasties has shown us is that the reality for individual animals is often far from ‘normal’! The challenges that our characters face are specific to the exact situations they find themselves in, and the solutions they come up with often depend as much on the circumstances and experiences which that individual has gone through. Each animal is unique!”

Sony BBC Earth Celebrates 6 years of Feeling Alive 

Sony BBC Earth

Telugu Super News,National, March 8th, 2023:On the occasion of its sixth anniversary, Sony BBC Earth, the leading factual entertainment channel has curated a special line-up to celebrate ‘6 Years of Feeling Alive’ with six iconic shows. The channel has been entertaining viewers with some of the most spectacular shows and world-class documentaries by offering a unique blend of science, nature, and technology content. Sony BBC Earth has become a household name among nature and science enthusiasts, delivering world-class programming that showcases the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

The anniversary special line-up includes the six iconic shows have been chosen to represent the very best of Sony BBC Earth’s programming over the past six years. Watch Planet Earth II, a show that takes viewers on a journey to iconic landscapes – the jungles, mountains, deserts, islands, grasslands, and cities of the world. Blue Planet II shares a sneak peek of icy polar seas to the vibrant blues of the coral atolls, sharing astonishing new discoveries. Showcasing the true character of each continent is Seven Worlds, One Planet. The show reveals how it has shaped all the life in those places. Whereas, A Perfect Planet reveals how perfectly our planet is set up to nurture life. For those seeking to discover the secrets of Earth’s few remaining untouched lands, Eden – Untamed Planet gives a visual tour of the far corners of the planet, all brimming with life, and Frozen Planet II takes people on a spellbinding journey through magical icy lands introducing them to planet’s most enigmatic animal species.

The channel is also promoting the six years on its social media pages through innovative posts highlighting the key milestones, marquee content and initiatives through its six pillars – Culture, Science, History, Food, Travel and Nature. Tune in to Sony BBC Earth to relive some of the most breath-taking moments from these shows and witness the beauty and majesty of our planet from a whole new perspective.

This Valentine’s month, learn fascinating stories about animals and many more with Sony BBC Earth

Sony BBC Earth

Telugu Super News,Febraury 13th,2023: The season of love is around the corner! Celebrating Valentine’s Day with its viewers, Sony BBC Earth has launched a special anthology titled ‘The Wild Affair’. The anthology is airing ‘The Mating Game’, ‘Nature’s Greatest Dancers’, and ‘The Perfect Planet’ captivating the viewers with heart-warming and dramatic animal love stories. 

In five different ecosystems on six continents, ‘The Mating Game’ investigates the various, interesting, and downright odd methods that various animals employ to locate a partner. It gives a complete inside look at what it takes to win in the animal mating game. Viewers will learn how some animals like dancing and perform deftly timed moves to entice possible partners in ‘Nature’s Greatest Dancers’. The scientific explanation for these animals’ meticulously coordinated movements, from the gorgeous birds of paradise strutting their business to the ballet-dancing lemurs, is revealed in this delightful and amusing series. ‘Planet Earth II’ takes viewers on a journey to the four corners of the world to learn about the extraordinary forces that create life in each of these famous locations and the amazing ways that creatures have evolved to survive in the most remote areas of the planet.

Apart from the Valentine’s Day anthology – ‘The Wild Affair’, the channel is premiering ‘Ancient Invisible Cities’ and ‘Rick Stein’s Secret France’ in February. In Ancient Invisible Cities, historians and archaeologists explore some of the world’s oldest cities at great depths in search of secret chambers and artifacts. Whereas Rick Stein’s Secret France will take viewers on a specially curated culinary journey. To learn more about the renowned Byzantine Empire’s little-known history and cuisine and to experience the special food menu, Rick Stein embarks on a fascinating tour through Italy, Croatia, Albania, Greece, and Turkey. 

The month of February will undoubtedly pique viewers’ interest in learning more about the endearing ways that animals express their affection as well as their desire for delectable French delicacies.

Check out the captivating slate of shows that Sony BBC Earth is airing this February!

Watch The Mating Game, Valentine’s Day-themed anthology on Sony BBC Earth, along with Nature’s Greatest Dancers and Planet Earth S2 every night at 9:00 PM. Additionally, watch the premiere of Ancient Invisible Cities and Rick Stein’s Secret France, Rick Stein’s From Venice to Istanbul every night at and at 08:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. respectively.

Discover India with India@9 and watch Healthy Tales on Sony BBC Earth this January

Telugu super News January 23, 2023:With a special Indian twist to its content line-up, Sony BBC Earth is all set to make Republic Day extra special for its viewers. Taking people on a unique journey through the wilderness of India, the channel is bringing forth ‘India@9’ – a special anthology that premieres content depicting India as you have never seen before. Sony BBC Earth will take viewers on a virtual trip to the Valley of the Flowers, nestled in the West Himalayas, and the young turtles hatching on the east coast of India. Further, entering the kitchen and debunking superfood myths, the channel is bringing forth ‘Healthy Tales’, a mix of shows focusing on health and food.

The Republic Day special anthology – India@9 is a mix of captivating series such as ‘Hidden India’ and ‘India’s Deadliest Snakes’. India is home to beautiful landscapes that leave people spellbound. Hidden India will take viewers on an excursion across the country depicting India’s stunning wildlife, ancient culture, and natural beauty. Whereas India’s Deadliest Snakes’ focuses on educating people about the most misunderstood species – the snakes, to reduce their fatality rate. The series delves deeper into the evolutionary past that explains one’s primal fear of these reptiles, examining myths and customs, and explaining why anti-venom is frequently ineffective.

The channel is bringing forth another interesting anthology titled ‘Healthy Tales’. It is a collection of shows that make people see health from a different perspective. ‘The Truth About Healthy Eating’ delves deeper into a subject affecting everyone, whether it is dispelling misconceptions about superfoods or debunking myths about mineral water. The show, ‘The Truth about Calories’, reveals facts that make people challenge everything they know about calories and food. It motivates them to eat smart instead of focusing on fancy diets. Unravelling the mysteries of radical diets and lifestyle choices with an intriguing twist is the next show ‘Eat To Live’. Whereas, in ‘Chef Vs Science’, scientist Mark Miodownik reveals the science behind the world’s most delicious dishes and the amazing transformations that food undergoes in the kitchen. In another series ‘Cook Clever’ viewers will witness how each person can help the planet by being more mindful of food wastage. It intends to change people’s cooking and food shopping habits by making them analyze the required quantity.

Watch the intriguing line-up of anthology shows that Sony BBC Earth is premiering this January!

Tune in to Sony BBC Earth, to watch a Republic special Anthology called ‘India @9’ from 9:00 PM onwards, and ‘Healthy Tales’ from 8:00 PM on 23 January.

Closing on an outstanding 2022, Sony BBC Earth is setting new benchmarks for 2023!

Sony BBC Earth

With a promise to offer inspiring and thought-provoking content and meaningful engagements to its viewers, Sony BBC Earth, India’s most loved factual entertainment channel completed 5 years in 2022. The channel has delivered ground-breaking shows along with interesting initiatives this year, making its audience feel alive. As the year 2022 comes to an end, let us have a look at the key tentpoles launched and the important highlights for the year.

Sony BBC Earth’s 5th anniversary

With a tagline of “Make Every Moment Meaningful,” the brand launched an anniversary special 360-degree campaign that included a host of activities. On Instagram, Sony BBC Earth announced a user-generated contest titled #5YearsOfLife, inviting people to share how they have added meaning to someone’s life, through reels using the brand audio. Taking the excitement, a notch higher, Instagram filters were built using augmented reality, the filter worked when users pointed their camera towards the Sony BBC Earth logo (on-air, web, print, and outdoor) and their screens came alive with animated animal figures. This was complemented with a property ‘5 Years 5 Mega Shows’ giving viewers a chance to vote for their favorite movies which were then aired on Sony BBC Earth.

Tentpole show premieres

Sir David Attenborough’s Green Planet from the Planet series was launched on the channel. The channel aligned the promotional phase of the show with Earth Day where ‘Green Planet’ campaign was announced. To engage people, Sony BBC Earth set up a ‘Green Planet’ installation – an Earth exhibit using plants at Phoenix Market City. During this 3-day activation, people received a miniature sapling as a small and meaningful gift for sharing their efforts towards a Green Planet. It was followed by a workshop by eminent Plantfluencer Ann Mathew on ways to upkeep indoor plants and the benefits of home gardening. The miniature saplings were also given to school kids to inculcate the idea of taking care of plants.

Sony BBC Earth premiered the second season of their marquee property ‘Frozen Planet’ in India. A multi-city screening was organized across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai. Mumbai witnessed a special star-studded screening with celebrities such as Makarand Deshpande, Jameel Khan, Saumya Tandon, Deepak Dobriyal, Shivin Narang, Rajshree Thakur, Vidyut Xavier, Sushant Singh, Amrita Prakash, Priyamvada Kant, amongst the rest. Additionally, a user-generated contest was launched, and the winners were given access to the special celebrity screening.

Riding on the topicality of the James Webb telescope, the channel premiered the ‘James Webb: The $10 Billion Space Telescope’ show. It gave the viewers a walkthrough of the most powerful astronomical observatory on the planet and showcased the making of the $10 billion glittering space jewel. 

Brand IPs

Sony BBC Earth launched the second edition of ‘Young Earth Champions’ with renowned actor and environmentalist Jim Sarbh and Professor Amritanshu Shriwastav from IIT Bombay. This year the contest was themed around the conservation of the planet’s resources – water, land, wildlife and forest, and energy. The top 10 winners received a chance to virtually interact with Jim and the professor on their ideas and exchange thoughts about sustainability.

Launched on Photography Day, this year the digital IP ‘Earth In Focus’ saw a phenomenal response with a 50% increase in entries as compared to the last year. The theme centered around seeking the ‘Thrill of Life’ further divided into subcategories of Landscape, Adventure, and Wildlife. The entries were judged by award-winning wildlife photographer, Rathika Ramasamy.

The channel also came back with yet another season of its school contact program ‘Feel alive hours’. Along with reaching out to schools, holding live sessions with experts, and organizing DIY experiments, they further launched an Inter-School Quiz Contest. This contest allowed children to represent themselves and their schools by displaying their general knowledge to the rest of the world. The property kickstarted in December and will go on till the next year.

On-ground integration

In an effort to be present amongst the brightest minds and engage with college students, Sony BBC Earth collaborated with Narsee Monjee College’s mega cultural festival ‘Umang’. The channel took complete charge of the waste management for the festival and introduced reversal vending machines that awarded those who helped them make the festival a zero-waste festival. The channel helped dispose of 1394 kgs of waste for the event.

The channel is associating with IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo as the sustainability partner for the festival. Across the 4-day event, the channel will be putting up hard-hitting messages across the campus to make students aware of the hazards of the plastic footprint in India.

as Sony BBC Earth held a special screening of Frozen Planet II narrated by Sir David Attenborough


Sony BBC Earth is set to premiere the second season of their marquee property ‘Frozen Planet’ in India. Produced by BBC Studios’ world-renowned Natural History Unit, co-produced by BBC America, the Open University, Migu Video, ZDF, and France Televisions, Frozen Planet II is narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Premiering on October 17, 2022, ‘Frozen Planet II’ will take people on an expedition to the world’s coldest areas – the high mountains, frozen desserts, snowbound forests, and ice-cold oceans, to explore the wildlife in these regions.

Bringing the second season of Frozen Planet II, Sony BBC Earth hosts a special screening in Mumbai and the Green Carpet was graced by well-known names of the entertainment industry such as, Saumya Tandon, Shivin Narang, Rajshree Thakur, Makarand Deshpande, Vidyut Xavier, Sushant Singh and more who was seen exploring the breath-taking landscape that revealed jaw-dropping secrets of our wonderful world on Frozen Planet II

Tune in to endure the extremities of the frozen world with Frozen Planet II. The show releases on 17th October 2022, only on Sony BBC Earth.

This September experience adventure and science with a slew of new shows on Sony BBC Earth


Known for delivering thought-provoking content and powerful storytelling, Sony BBC Earth is back with a robust line-up featuring a wide range of series. With the premiere of Attenborough’s Wonder of Song’, – making viewers experience remarkable sounds of the natural world, ‘Deadly Predators’ – a peek inside the wildlife’s deadly kingdom, ‘Life’ – a nature documentary unlike any you have seen before, ‘Australia’s Health Revolution with Michael Mosley’ – fighting Australia’s diabetes epidemicand ‘Inside the Factory’ – taking viewers through largest factories in Europe, the channel is sure to take viewers on an exhilarating science & adventure voyage.

This September experience adventure and science with a slew of new shows on Sony BBC Earth

Tuning into nature, ‘Attenborough’s Wonder of Song’ introduces people to the songs of intimacy and survival with an underlying question if these sounds will continue to be heard in the distant future. Whereas ‘Deadly Predators’ takes people on an immersive view of the deadliest hunt species to have ever walked the Earth. Presented by Award-winning CBBC presenter Steve Backshall, the show uses the sharpest techniques to capture the fiercest animals. Another show titled ‘Life’ surprises people with the glorious variety of life on Earth and the extraordinary survival tactics of animals and plants. It showcases the ability of individual creatures to overcome adversities under extreme pressure.

Digging deeper with curiosity in search of an answer to Australia’s diabetic epidemic comes a three-part series like no other titled ‘Australia’s Health Revolution with Michael Mosley’. The show features Doctor Michael Mosley and physiologist Ray Kelly, who challenge people living with type 2 diabetes to try a diet that brings in a difference. Further, taking people on a visual treat ‘Inside the Factory’, Sony BBC Earth showcases the making of some of the choicest foods and goods as Greg Wallace reveals the astonishing processes and machinery behind their high-volume manufacturing right from the raw material stage to finished goods.

This September experience adventure and science with a slew of new shows on Sony BBC Earth

So, this September do not forget to watch the exciting shows premiering on Sony BBC Earth!

Tune in to Sony BBC Earth, September 5 onwards to watch ‘Life’ followed by ‘Attenborough’s Wonder of Song’‘Australia’s Health Revolution with Michael Mosley’, ‘Deadly Predators’, and ‘Inside the Factory’ on September 11, 19, 20 and 27 respectively.