This Valentine’s month, learn fascinating stories about animals and many more with Sony BBC Earth

Sony BBC Earth

Telugu Super News,Febraury 13th,2023: The season of love is around the corner! Celebrating Valentine’s Day with its viewers, Sony BBC Earth has launched a special anthology titled ‘The Wild Affair’. The anthology is airing ‘The Mating Game’, ‘Nature’s Greatest Dancers’, and ‘The Perfect Planet’ captivating the viewers with heart-warming and dramatic animal love stories. 

In five different ecosystems on six continents, ‘The Mating Game’ investigates the various, interesting, and downright odd methods that various animals employ to locate a partner. It gives a complete inside look at what it takes to win in the animal mating game. Viewers will learn how some animals like dancing and perform deftly timed moves to entice possible partners in ‘Nature’s Greatest Dancers’. The scientific explanation for these animals’ meticulously coordinated movements, from the gorgeous birds of paradise strutting their business to the ballet-dancing lemurs, is revealed in this delightful and amusing series. ‘Planet Earth II’ takes viewers on a journey to the four corners of the world to learn about the extraordinary forces that create life in each of these famous locations and the amazing ways that creatures have evolved to survive in the most remote areas of the planet.

Apart from the Valentine’s Day anthology – ‘The Wild Affair’, the channel is premiering ‘Ancient Invisible Cities’ and ‘Rick Stein’s Secret France’ in February. In Ancient Invisible Cities, historians and archaeologists explore some of the world’s oldest cities at great depths in search of secret chambers and artifacts. Whereas Rick Stein’s Secret France will take viewers on a specially curated culinary journey. To learn more about the renowned Byzantine Empire’s little-known history and cuisine and to experience the special food menu, Rick Stein embarks on a fascinating tour through Italy, Croatia, Albania, Greece, and Turkey. 

The month of February will undoubtedly pique viewers’ interest in learning more about the endearing ways that animals express their affection as well as their desire for delectable French delicacies.

Check out the captivating slate of shows that Sony BBC Earth is airing this February!

Watch The Mating Game, Valentine’s Day-themed anthology on Sony BBC Earth, along with Nature’s Greatest Dancers and Planet Earth S2 every night at 9:00 PM. Additionally, watch the premiere of Ancient Invisible Cities and Rick Stein’s Secret France, Rick Stein’s From Venice to Istanbul every night at and at 08:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. respectively.

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