Techwave wins “Best Cloud Migration Award” at the 2022-2023 International Cloud Awards..!

Telugu Super News,February 11, 2022, Mumbai: Techwave, a renowned global IT and engineering services firm, has won “Best Cloud Migration or Systems Integration Solution” award at the International Cloud Awards this week. Techwave has been honored for its innovative approach, tailored custom solutions, and best-in-class service. This award recognizes and honors industry leaders, innovators, and organizational transformation in cloud computing, and Techwave emerges as a winner among its peers.

Techwave is revolutionizing cloud transformation with its industry-specific solutions. The company’s systematic approach to migrating to the Azure platform ensures every step is executed with care. By analyzing the current state, Techwave determines the best plan of action, taking into account limitations such as OS, SAP, database, data transfer, network availability, and data protection. Furthermore, keeping business continuity in mind, ensuring minimal downtime and seamless accessibility post-migration, while maintaining essential functions and services. And, with a focus on future growth, Techwave addresses future demands through proper sizing, scalability, availability, extendability, and operational management.

Speaking of the celebration, Mr. Raj Gummadapu, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Techwave said, “It is an honor to receive the Best Cloud Migration award at the International Cloud Awards! This accolade is a reflection of our relentless pursuit of innovation and delivering exceptional solutions. Our expertise in SAP, Cloud Architecture, and DB, paired with our customer-focused methodology, has truly made us stand out. Aligning solutions with business processes while minimizing downtime is just one of the many ways, we put our customers first. Kudos to our talented team for their unwavering commitment and hard work. We’re delighted and grateful for this recognition!”

Techwave is aiding top businesses in boosting their cloud transformation journeys with the help of its deep expertise and innovation technology. This enables these enterprises to achieve sustainable growth guided by their purpose. Mr. Chandra Rao, Global Head of Data Center, Cloud & RIM Services at Techwavesays that the company is proud to receive this award, which recognizes its ability to be nimble, its leadership in Cloud innovation, its exceptional customer service, and the resulting growth.

“We are delighted to give this award to Techwave in recognition of their outstanding and demonstrable achievements in Cloud Migration and Systems Integration. We were impressed to learn, from the examples given, how Techwave takes challenges posed by their customers and explores possible solutions from all perspectives. Techwave acknowledges the impact that any solution may have on existing business processes and aims to consistently deliver solutions which do not impact operations. We were particularly interested in how Techwave ensures minimal downtime without interruptions to their customer’s business processes. Well done, Techwave from everyone at The Cloud Awards!”
 said Annabelle Whittall, Lead Judge at The Cloud Awards

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