his Refrigerator Will Be `The Showstopper’, says Samsung in New Ad for Bespoke Side-By-Side Refrigerator

National, May, 2023:- Samsung India today rolled out a new TVC – ‘The era of Bespoke Begins’ for its breathtaking Bespoke Side-by-Side (SBS) refrigerators. A unique harmony of great design, curated colors, and incredible features such as Auto Open Door (AOD) & AI energy savings, the Bespoke Side-by-Side refrigerator is ready to usher in a revolution to match the ever-evolving aspirations of modern-day Indian consumers and their urban lifestyle.

‘The era of Bespoke Begins’ TVC beautifully captures the message that an Indian kitchen is no longer a remote space and has been well integrated into our social spaces. Highlighting this urban lifestyle, the TVC perfectly showcases evolving behavioral insights as it recreates a day in the life of our consumers. It portrays that even a small occasion such as a party can turn into a celebration of the Bespoke Side-by-Side refrigerator because it emerges as the highlight of the night and “the showstopper”.

This TVC will be aired across national and regional TV, covering general entertainment, movies, news and infotainment channels. It will also run on digital platforms including Samsung’s owned social channels, YouTube, OTT channels and Samsung TV plus.

The commercial also vividly reflects the trend of open kitchens becoming the norm of Indian homes besides design and aesthetics of refrigerators gaining rapid popularity among consumers. This trend is yet another proof why adding Samsung’s Bespoke Side-by-Side refrigerator is like a cherry on top of a cake for modern-day home décor. The Bespoke Side-by-Side refrigerator also marks an evolution within the category since consumers are looking for options beyond traditional refrigerators. While the functional role of a refrigerator is vital, there is an ever-growing desire for more visually pleasing models among consumers.

This makes the curated colors offered by Bespoke Side-by-Side refrigerators a milestone in the industry. The lineup comes in varied and exciting colors such as Clean Pink, Clean White, Clean Navy, and Glam Deep Charcoal.

Key Features

BESPOKE & Auto Open Door

From a design perspective, the new line-up comes with BESPOKE’s Glass Finish flat door panels, thus making the range of products glamorous. Keeping in mind the challenges in Indian cooking, the 2023 range comes with another interesting feature — Auto Open Door that uses ‘touch sensor’ that releases the door magnet making it convenient to open the refrigerator. Thus in case of dirty hands, or when the hands are full, one can simply keep their finger on the door sensor and the door will open.

AI Energy Savings mode

With this mode turned on, consumers can easily meet their monthly cost target by optimizing fridge and freezer temperatures & save up to 10% on energy. The feature uses artificial intelligence to understand the usage pattern and set the temperature accordingly, thus ensuring energy efficiency in the process.

Convertible 5-in-1 mode

The feature offers consumers more storage space and convenience by enabling them to choose from the five modes— Normal, Seasonal, Extra Fridge, Vacation and Home Alone. In the normal mode, the refrigerator will have both, fridge and freezer mode, in Home Alone mode freezer will be converted to fridge and fridge section will be switched off.  While in Vacation modes, the refrigerator will only have the freezer running while the fridge will be turned off. On days, when one wants more storage space, the feature allows consumers to convert their freezer into fridge, thus giving more storage space.

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