Dettol launches new campaign..

Showcases inspirational stories of 20 young stars

Launches new campaign #DettolProtectsTomorrow with a personalized pack option

National, May 16, 2023 :Dettol, India’s most trusted germ protection brand, unveils a new campaign #DettolProtectsTomorrow, to motivate children to explore the world without the fear of disease-causing germs. With a strong belief that children’s curiosity should be encouraged to achieve their true potential, Dettol aims to empower mothers to build a better and safe future for their kids. To bring this thought alive, Dettol launched India’s first-ever personalized foaming handwash, encouraging consumers to capture precious moments showcasing their kids exploring their talents, and create their own customized Dettol foaming handwash packs.

The campaign was launched with a video showcasing the brand philosophy by reiterating the promise of providing safety and protection of Dettol foaming handwash to children as their hands get dirty while they dive into the world of opportunities to build a better future. The philosophy was also brought to life through partnership with Better India by recognizing and celebrating 20 inspirational stories of kids from across India, who are making an impact on not just their lives, but also their local communities to build a better world.

Dilen Gandhi, Regional Marketing Director, South Asia – Health & Nutrition, Reckitt stated, “Curiosity and learning behaviour amongst children must be nurtured to help them reach their full potential. With #DettolProtectsTomorrow, and the inspirational stories of these children, we want to empower mothers to encourage their children to pursue their natural curiosity, without any fear of germs. Dettol Foaming handwash provides 10x better germ protection and is gentle on young skin, with moisture-rich foam. Personalised packaging of Dettol foaming handwash will have pictures and stories of these kids and we hope it serves as a reminder for all, to go out exploring and get their own personalised packs”

Mitesh Kothari, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, White Rivers Media said, “The thought-provoking campaign #DettolProtectsTomorrow, puts forth the message of strengthening inquisitiveness among children to go out and explore the world. To ensure the campaign reaches a wider audience and brings a positive change, we have conceptualized a film, displaying Dettol’s philosophy and highlighting the innovative personalized pack. We at White Rivers Media are delighted to associate with a brand like Dettol that focuses on the health and growth of its consumers.”

Children are naturally inquisitive and need to be able to explore the world even if that means getting messy. Dettol believes that this curiosity and play should be encouraged and hence aims to empower mothers to be able to build a better future for their kids. Its foaming handwash with 10X better protection vs other handwashes is also extremely gentle for young hands and hence is designed to offer the best protection and care. Consumers can order and get personalized labels by scanning the QR code on the Dettol foaming handwash packs and uploading their picture on Dettol’s website.

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