Zomato celebrates ‘Delivery Partners’ Day’ in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, February 8th, 2024 – Zomato, India’s food ordering and delivery platform, recently concluded its ‘Delivery Partners Day’ celebration event in Hyderabad. These ‘Delivery Partners Days’ events are the company’s way of acknowledging the invaluable contributions of its delivery partners and spreading festive joy to their families.  

The awards span various categories, each recognising the remarkable achievements of the dedicated delivery partners.

During the ‘Delivery Partners Days’ celebrations, the accolades were presented in the presence of the award recipients’ family members across six distinctive categories, each acknowledging the exceptional contributions of Zomato’s dedicated delivery partners. 

  • ‘Top Performers’ pays tribute to the top 10 delivery partners in every zone, acknowledging their remarkable efficiency in delivering the highest number of orders.
  • ‘Everyday Heroes’ honours those delivery partners who continue to excel despite facing personal challenges in their daily lives, exemplifying resilience and dedication. 
  • ‘Made A Difference’ applauds delivery partners who have positively impacted customers’ lives or extended a helping hand to fellow delivery partners in times of need, highlighting their compassion and support. 
  • ‘Electrifying Partner’ category, Zomato celebrates delivery partners who have covered significant distances while using electric vehicles for deliveries, promoting sustainable practices.
  • ‘Iron Ladies’ recognises the dedication of female delivery partners who defy societal norms to spread happiness, break barriers, and inspire others.  
  • ‘Ageless Achievers’ applauds delivery partners over 50 years old who defy age stereotypes with their unwavering energy and enthusiasm, serving as a testament to their passion for providing services.
  • Compliance Heroes: To appreciate delivery partners who are asset compliant. 

Rakesh Ranjan, CEO of Food Ordering & Delivery, Zomato, said, “Our delivery partners are the true backbone of our organisation. We often encounter many heartwarming stories of our dedicated delivery partners who go beyond the call of duty to serve society at large, especially during challenging circumstances. These awards are our way of honouring their spirit of altruism and their exceptional service.”

On the sidelines of the felicitation, Zomato also organized a first-responder training program for delivery partners in Hyderabad from 27th to 31st January. Launched recently, the program aims to enable the delivery partners to learn the nuances of medical first-aid & CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) through professional and certified training modules. 

Zomato is strongly committed to ensuring a secure and inclusive environment for all its delivery partners. The company continues to allocate resources towards training and support programs to enhance partner capabilities while fostering a culture of kindness within its delivery network.

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