What is Kafas?

The newest news and celebrity rumors generating headlines keep the entertainment industry humming. However, Sharman Joshi’s most recent social media post has gone above and beyond and has swept the Internet. The actor can be seen in the video trying to reveal something, but the only thing stopping him is the cash he accepted in return for his quiet.  The actress Mona Singh may be seen in a short while in another video trying to film a confession while distraught, but she is unable to do so because she is guilty of accepting a bribe. Shehnaaz Gill, an actor, and singer further fueled the flames with a similar social media post (More than half a million views) in which she admitted to receiving payment for concealing an outrageous reality about the entertainment business.

Even more, uproar ensued when well-known stand-up comedian Atul Khatri revealed that he had recently been paid to keep quiet for his most recent tip regarding a Bollywood actor. The icing on the cake was when Uorfi Javed, a well-known young sensation, revealed to her admirers that she had learned something scandalous about a specific celebrity but would be unable to share the information because she had accepted hush money. The internet community is going crazy as they attempt to solve the challenge. Describe #Kafas. Are these videos related in any way? Could the person that Uorfi, Shehnaaz and Atul are pointing at be the same person?

Numerous people have been drawn in by the enigmatic nature of their messages, and they are now left wondering why it has become necessary for them to hide their truths from the public. What precisely are we giving up with our voices for? Fans can only speculate about the future and how these developing events may affect them. #Kafas






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