Telugu super news,Hyderabad,may 10th,2023:VIDA, Powered by Hero, the emerging mobility brand of Hero MotoCorp – the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters – has set a new Guinness World Records Title, providing yet another fillip to the electric vehicle industry.

The company’s first electric vehicle, the VIDA V1 sscooter, ran for 24 hours non-stop and broke the existing world record for maximum distance achieved by nearly 350 kms.

The VIDA V1 now holds the following Guinness World Records Title –

“The greatest distance on an electric scooter in 24 hours by a team in relay is 1780 kms (1106.04 mi) and was achieved by Hero MotoCorp’s VIDA V1, at Hero Centre for Innovation and Technology (CIT) Jaipur, India from 20 to 21 April 2023.”

On achieving this record, Dr. Swadesh Srivastava, Head – Emerging Mobility Business Unit, Hero MotoCorp said, “We are delighted to have set this new record. It clearly highlights the robust testing that has gone into the making of the VIDA V1. Our vision is to propagate the EV category globally. The VIDA V1 holding a performance and endurance-oriented world record should provide impetus to the entire EV industry, confirming that the category is ready with mature and high-performance products. Hero MotoCorp and its products invoke “Trust” among our valued customers and we have established that our EVs also invoke the same confidence. I congratulate the R&D team in Jaipur and Germany for developing the world-class VIDA V1 and setting this world record.”

The VIDA V1 comes with two removable batteries, and a best-in-class combination of performance, range, and top speed. This record highlights the world-class engineering and technology of the VIDA V1 and establishes it as a robust product that can perform in any environment.

The record was set on the test tracks of Hero MotoCorp’s state-of-the-art R&D facility, the CIT and was completed by a team of six riders. The CIT is the hub of the company’s global innovation & technology pursuits and in tandem with Tech Center Germany, it has delivered many globally popular products over the past seven years.

VIDA plans to increase its presence to 100 cities within this calendar year, 2023. It will use Hero MotoCorp’s expansive dealer network to rapidly scale up its operations across the country. VIDA’s vision is to create a “Worry-Free EV Ecosystem” that will propagate the EV category.

Swapnil Dangarikar, Official Adjudicator, Guinness World Records, said“I am happy to declare that Hero MotoCorp’s VIDA V1 has broken the Guinness World Records title for Greatest distance covered on an electric scooter in 24 hours by covering 1780 kms, following all guidelines successfully. It is a remarkable achievement as the previous record has been broken by nearly 350 kms and that too in the intense summer heat of Jaipur. Hero MotoCorp’s VIDA V1, you are now Officially Amazing!”

The six-rider team started the record attempt on April 20, 2023, at 6.45 am and took turns in a relay format to ride the VIDA V1. The team shattered the existing record at around 2 AM on April 21, 2023. The final lap was completed at 6.45 AM on the same morning at a distance of 1780 kilometers.

With ambient temperatures nearing 40*C and track temperatures over 50*C, the VIDA V1 delivered peak performance throughout the 24 hours. A team of CIT engineers supported the riders with battery swaps during the run, most of which were under 20 seconds. 

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