Upstox Launches ’Invest Right’ to Help Indians Begin Their Investing Journey


Telugu super news,Hyderabad  April 3, 2023: Upstox, one of India’s leading digital investment platforms, has launched a new campaign, ‘Invest right’ to help individuals learn where to invest, when to invest and most importantly why to invest.

This campaign rollout will coincide with the start of the new season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Upstox is an Official Partner of the Tata IPL. With this campaign, Upstox seeks to change how India invests – make it simple, intuitive and engaging, much like how the IPL has transformed and given a new direction to Indian cricket in the last decade.

Building on their previous IPL campaign ‘StartKarkeDekho’ which encouraged Indians to take the first step towards investing, this year’s campaign shifts the focus to ‘Investing Right’.  Today, individuals want to invest but often get confused because there are so many choices. So to help them, Upstox has done all the heavy lifting and hard-work and simplified investing.

With a strong belief that India is growing and through equity participation one can benefit from India’s growth story, Upstox’s core campaign focuses around how one can invest in India. By introducing them to Index Funds – a way to track market’s performance Upstox gives a cost-effective, easy, and long term solution to beat inflation and grow their wealth.

But within Mutual Funds, one also has so many options. So to simplify this further, Upstox has taken on the mammoth task of evaluating hundreds of mutual fund schemes based on their risk and reward ratio and from that curated some of the top ones in each category. With this curated list of funds and expert analysis, the brand seeks to provide users with the best in-app experience for investments in mutual funds. The brand is also offering information and research, enabling an investor to make well-informed decisions.

Alongside this feature, Upstox also aims to educate Indians on the simple Truths of Investing. For instance if one starts an SIP of just ₹5000 which gives 12.5% return and stays invested for 25 years in the markets, their money has the potential to grow to a crore, showcasing the power of compounding. Just like this, Upstox provides other eye-opening truths that are simple to follow. With each truth, they offer actionable steps to help users succeed. Throughout the campaign Upstox is conducting a series of online and offline learning sessions on Mutual Funds, Technical Analysis, Option Trading and more. With this, Upstox aims to provide individuals with  a holistic, 360-degree approach to investing enabling them to learn, decide, invest and trade all with Upstox.

And to drive this message across, the ad campaign features characters placed in common, everyday scenarios. For instance, two friends using UPI to pay a roadside nariyal-pani seller.  The campaign uses this instance (UPI payment) to evoke FOMO in both the characters and viewers, highlighting the potential benefits of participating in India’s economic growth. The eventual answer – invest in India, invest in index funds – is given by the more financially-savvy character. This person then credits Upstox with having educated them so they could make the right choice.

Through scenarios like these, the campaign aims to increase awareness, consideration, and brand love amongst investors.


Speaking on the campaign, Kavitha Subramanian, Co-founder, Upstox says, “Mutual funds offer investors a great opportunity to diversify their portfolio and participate in the growth potential of different sectors of the economy. We believe that financial inclusion is essential to India’s economic growth and development. At Upstox, it is our aspiration for every investor to have access to quality investment advice and guidance. In this regard, our new campaign is designed to help more people in India invest in the right kind of funds by providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to make informed investment decisions.

We are committed to empowering all Indians with the knowledge and confidence they need to take control of their finances, and build a better future for themselves and their families. By promoting financial inclusion and making quality investment advice accessible to more people, we believe we can help to create a more prosperous economy.”

The campaign is targeted towards individuals aged 18 to 35, with a focus on tier 2 and 3 segments across geographies in India. It will run across multiple channels, including digital, social, and print, and will be supported by on-ground activations to drive awareness and consideration amongst the target segment.


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