TiE Hyderabad launches 4th Edition of the TiE Women 2023.. Ten women entrepreneurs from ten different industries pitched their ideas to the investors.

Telugu Super News,Hyderabad, March 12, 2023:TiE Hyderabad launched the 4th Edition of the TiE Women 2023 at Business Women Expo which is currently underway at Hitex. The expo will conclude on Sunday. Ms Jennifer Larson, Consul General, U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad and Ms Shobana Kamineni, Executive Vice Chairperson – Apollo Hospitals graced the launch.

Speaking on the occasion Ms Jennifer Larson said events like this are critical. Women-owned businesses are growing slowly and earning less money.  Speaking about moving to new premises next week, Jennifer said the place will have collaborative space, which can be considered a resource in the ecosystem.  She shared her thoughts on Indo- US programs & initiatives for Women Entrepreneurs.

Ms Shobana Kamineni said women’s participation in business in India is lower than in Saudi Arabia. But the good news is that 36% of the workforce in India at the middle management level are women. Women’s representation in STEM is also considerably increasing.

Sharing her story, Shobhana said, at the age of 23 years, “I built India’s first purpose-built hospital in Chennai. It is not that having confidence in oneself is important but having your parent’s confidence in your abilities is also equally important”.

She told women who are taking the plunge into the entrepreneurial journey must take risks. Taking risks is integral to entrepreneurship. She advised women entrepreneurs not to take business as a hobby, which a lot of women do.  You should not be shy to have mentors. The discounts model doesn’t work. Bring great technology. Science will make a difference. And have a good support system, she concluded her talk.

Murali Bukkapatnam, TiE Global Board of Trustee spoke in his opening remarks and said TiE Global is a 30 years old entrepreneurship organisation that originated in Silicon Valley. We have had a great deal of impact on society. 50% of the GDP of any nation comes from women, he said and added that they do face many challenges in terms of accessing capital. They need more mentorship and expand their network.

TiE Hyderabad announced the 4th year of TiE Women Pitch Competition – 2023, an initiative by TiE Global to Embrace, Engage and Empower women entrepreneurs across the globe. Ten women entrepreneurs from ten different industries pitched their ideas to the investors. The ten women-owned start-ups who pitched include MeMeraki.com; Medbuzz, Triolt Energy Pvt Ltd; Ek Katha Clothing Pvt. Ltd, Cometlabs IT Solutions, Sortizy, PayAid, Second Innings House, Pinaka Innovation Pvt. Ltd, Rorosaur Foodtech Pvt. Ltd.

TiE Hyderabad also conducted the TiE Investor Connect – Women Special Edition, Season 2 on this occasion!

TiE Investor Connect is a platform that enables curated start-ups to present their business venture to top Indian PE/VC/Seed/Angel funds across the industry. This was the Second Season of TiE Hyderabad Investor Connect -2023 with a new approach and vibrancy that’s focused on Women Entrepreneurs. 10 Startups led/Co-led by Women Entrepreneurs, from the Early & Revenue stage from various sectors pitched to were connected investors.

Close to 60+ Women Founders across India applied for this opportunity to pitch their businesses to a panel of Investors.

This program was conducted to showcase Women Entrepreneurs from the state of Telangana to a stellar global team and build a climate of inclusiveness that will propel the unique TiE Women brand of “bold and impactful” around the world said Rashida Adenwala, the first woman to take over as President of TiE Hyderabad for the year 2023.

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