The 14th YAI Monsoon Regatta started this morning with rain and stormy conditions with winds raging at plus 20 knots. 

Telugu super news,Hyderabad, july 18th,2023:The International Race Officer Shrikant Chaturvedi postponed the races by an hour and thereafter completed 3 races for the under 19 International 420  mixed class and the National Ranking Under 15 fleet of Optimists

In both fleets, it was the Bhopal teams that ruled the waves and  Nancy Rai with Airaj Sendhav as crew and Ekalavya Batham topped their respective fleets with some outstanding and consistent racing. 

Amongst girls, local girl Deekshita Komaravelly topped the charts with all top 8 finishes  followed closely by Shagun Jha of Bhopal and Shreya Krishna of Tamilnadu 

There were many capsizes in the 420 mixed class with some sailors toppling more than 7 times yet braving the weather and finishing the races against all odds. 

The alert safety teams of the host club The Yacht Club of Hyderabad YCH were more than busy helping distressed boats and ensuring safe racing conditions 

“I sailed safe and ensured my boat was well set up for these conditions under the able advice of my Coach Anil Sharma “ said Nancy Rai of Bhopal 

Top seed Dharani Laveti is now at second position overall and needs to ensure some good finishes tomorrow to climb back to the top of the mixed class with her crew Vadla Mallesh of the Navy boy Sports School Goa. 

The beginners fleet and the Light Fleet of under 12 sailors sailed the afternoon session and the results will only be declared tomorrow 

“We are happy that the winds hit the Hussain Sagar  hard on day one of the Monsoon Regatta after a long respite of very light conditions for almost a month “ , said Suheim Sheikh President of the Yacht Club Sports Foundation and the Monsoon Regatta lived up to its reputation of promising superb racing conditions and awesome Monsoon weather 


Under 19 International Class 

  1. Nancy Rai & Aniraj Sendhav     NSS MADHYA PRADESH 5 points
  2. Dharani Laveti and Mallesh   & Vadla Mallesh YCH TELANGANA  6 points
  3. Vidyanshi Mishra & Manish Sharma      NSS MADHYA PRADESH        10 Points

Under 15 Optimist Class Boys 

  1. Eklavya Batham       MADHYA PRADESH 4 Points
  2. Sharanya Yadav       NBSC GOA 6 Points
  3. Ruben Vijay              TRISHNA MYSORE 15 Points

Under 15 Optimist Class Girls 

  1. Deekshita Komaravelly     YCH TELANGANA 15 Points
  2. Shagun Jha                       NSS MADHYA PRADESH 16 Points
  3. Shreya Krishna                  TNSA TAMILNADU 31 Points

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