TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh’s Birthday Celebrations Held Grandly Under the Leadership Of Kandukuru Constituency Leader Unnam Nalini Devi

Telugu super news, Ap news,January 24,2024:The birthday celebrations of TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh were held grandly in Kandukuru under the leadership of the constituency leader Unnam Nalini Devi. The occasion featured a spectacular cake-cutting ceremony along with the leader distributing clothes to sanitation workers in Kandukur.

Subsequently, Unnam Nalini Devi stated that Nara Lokesh’s life serves as an ideal for today’s youth. She emphasized Lokesh’s journey, earning the honour of becoming a leader through hard work and perseverance. Treating the people of the state as his family, she highlighted Lokesh’s remarkable 3,200-kilometer march to understand public problems.

As the national general secretary of the party and the architect of the Workers’ Welfare Fund, Unnam Nalini Devi revealed that Nara Lokesh has consistently supported activists, ensuring their welfare and backing thousands of them.

She further added, ‘As the Panchayati Raj Minister, Lokesh implemented numerous development programs in villages, including the construction of 23 thousand kilometers of CC roads and distribution of LED bulbs. Moreover, as the Minister of IT, he attracted investments and companies, creating employment and job opportunities for the youth.’ Unnam Nalini Devi expressed confidence that the TDP will emerge victorious in the upcoming elections. The event saw participation from local Telugu Desam Party leaders and sanitation workers participate in this program.

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