Ather Energy and Hero MotoCorp collaborate to accelerate the EV charging infrastructure in India

Telugu super news,National, 9 December,2023: Ather Energy, a leading player in the electric vehicle (EV) segment has entered into a partnership with Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, to establish an interoperable fast-charging network for electric two-wheelers across India.

This strategic collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate Ather Energy’s fast charging points, AtherGrids and Hero MotoCorp’s charging stations, VIDA, covering 100 cities with a network of over 1,900 fast-charging points. The combined charging infrastructure is set to become the largest of its kind in the country, offering EV users an unparalleled and convenient ownership experience.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) recently approved Light Electric Combined Charging System (LECCS), India’s first-ever indigenously developed AC and DC Combined Charging connector standard for light electric vehicles. This combined network, which utilises the approved charging system, will be the largest EV charging ecosystem in the country. This is the first-ever interoperable fast-charging network for EV two-wheelers globally. The interoperable network will not only enhance the convenience for existing EV users but also play a pivotal role in alleviating range anxiety, making electric mobility more accessible and appealing to a broader audience.   

Ather Energy Co-founder and CTO Swapnil Jain said,“We are happy to partner with HeroMotoCorp for setting the stage for an interoperable fast-charging network. It’s a massive win for Indian OEMs to collaborate on scaling up charging infrastructure. This partnership will pave the way for consumers to access an extensive network of charging stations across the country, alleviating range anxiety. Given the technical superiority of LECCS and the fact that it was Made in India for India, we believe more OEMs will find it lucrative to adopt this standard.

Today we are also committing that any OEM which adopts the LECCS standard will have access to Ather Grid across India. With this interoperability we are already demonstrating how it is beneficial for all OEMs to be on one standard. We believe that public charging infrastructure for two-wheelers is now set for collaborative expansion.”

Customers will be able to locate and navigate to the charging stations through the “Ather App” and “My VIDA”. The interoperability will enable them to discover only compatible locations, locate their nearest charging station, view its availability, and navigate to the station.

Ather Energy sold 9,344 units in November 2023

Telugu super news,National, 2nd December, 2023:Ather Energy, India’s premium electric scooter manufacturer sold 9344 units in November’23. Ather, is making significant strides in expanding its reach and accessibility. With an impressive network of 176 Experience Centres with 11 opened in november spanning across 100 cities, Ather is set to revolutionize the electric scooter market. Among its exciting offerings is the Ather 450S, hailed as one of India’s fastest and smartest scooters, available alongside the Ather 450X. The Experience Centers offer potential buyers the unique opportunity to test ride any Ather vehicle, helping them determine the ideal fit for their needs before making a purchase. Ather’s customer-centric approach and innovative products continue to propel it to the forefront of the EV industry. 

In the coming years, Ather Energy is set to unveil significant announcements, notably their latest addition to the fleet, the Ather Family Scooter. This innovative vehicle promises enhanced comfort, a spacious seat, and affordability, catering to a wider audience. Ather is embracing a subtle shift towards a more traditional scooter design to align with market demands. CEO Tarun Mehta proudly announced this forthcoming model, emphasizing its consumer-oriented features. Alongside this announcement, he also shared about the upcoming Ather 450 Apex, their fastest offering yet, showcasing their commitment to innovation and advancement in the electric scooter domain.  

Commenting on this occasion, Ravneet Singh Phokela, Chief Business Officer, says, “November continues the momentum that we built in October, as we delivered 9,344 units to our customers. The EV 2-wheeler market is approaching volumes seen before subsidy revisions, and we anticipate a positive end to 2023. This month we forayed into the international market with the opening of the inaugural Experience Centre in Nepal. As we marked our 10th anniversary, we celebrated a decade of innovation by announcing the launch of two new scooters, including the Ather APEX and a family scooter set to hit the market in 2024. More is in store in December as we are gearing up for an exciting and fast-paced start to 2024.”

Ather’s expansion into international markets follows its remarkable success in the Indian domestic market, where the 450 Series has emerged as the uncontested leader in the premium electric two-wheeler segment, boasting an impressive 75% market share. The decision to export the Ather 450X aligns strategically with Nepal’s growing interest in cleaner mobility alternatives. Despite being a comparatively smaller market than its larger counterparts, India and China, Nepal presents an enticing opportunity for companies like Ather to gain insights into new markets, gauging product performance and acceptance. 

Additionally, Ather Energy has forged partnerships with prominent financial institutions such as IDFC First, Bajaj Finance, and Hero FinCorp, facilitating increased accessibility to electric vehicles (EVs). Through the provision of flexible loan tenures extending up to five years, Ather has successfully lowered the monthly EMIs for its electric scooters to as little as Rs 2,999. This forward-thinking initiative aligns seamlessly with the Indian government’s ambitious target of achieving a clean and green 2030, thus actively contributing to the realization of sustainable mobility on a national scale.

Ather energy sold 10,056 units in October’23, registering a 30% month-on-month growth

Telugu super news,National, 1st November, 2023:Ather energy, the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer sold 10,056 units in October’23, representing a 30% month-on-month growth. Ather, is making significant strides in expanding its reach and accessibility. Ather is set to revolutionize the electric scooter market with an impressive network of 166 Experience Centres spanning across 100 cities. Among its exciting offerings is the Ather 450S, hailed as one of India’s quickest and smartest scooters, available alongside the Ather 450X. These Experience Centres offer potential buyers the unique opportunity to test ride any Ather vehicle, helping them determine the ideal fit for their needs before making a purchase. Ather’s customer-centric approach and innovative products continue to propel it to the forefront of the EV industry.

Ather Energy has received approval from the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) for its recently developed indigenous charging connector. It is called the Light Electric Combined Charging System (LECCS) and can be used by two-, three-, and four-wheelers. Globally, this is the first-ever combined AC and DC charger, that has been developed in India. With the introduction of the LECCS, the eco-system could benefit from a large-scale adoption of electric vehicles. Additionally, independent charging operators, too, could benefit from this and more fast and slow charging stations could be made present across the country.

Commenting on this occasion, Ravneet Singh Phokela, Chief Business Officer, says,

“On the back of an enhanced product portfolio, we had a strong start to the festive season. We delivered 10,056 scooters to our customers, registering ~30% month-on-month growth. With Diwali just around the corner, we expect this positive momentum to continue. We continue to make strides in the charging infrastructure. Ather’s charging connector has been approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as the nation’s first indigenously developed standard for light electric vehicles in strong step towards making India a global leader in LEVs. We also ventured into our first international market. We are all set to open our first Experience Centre in Nepal on November 5th. Ather has also reached another significant milestone in the domestic market with the launch in Jammu, further expanding our retail presence in India to a total of 150 Experience Centres.

Ather Energy announced plans for global expansion, to enter Nepal market in NovemberAther’s retail expansion to a market outside India, comes on the back of its runaway success in the domestic market, where its 450 Series is the undisputed leader in the premium two-wheeler electric vehicle (EV) segment with a 75% market share.  The plans to export the Ather 450X also comes at a time when Nepal is shifting towards more clean mobility options. A relatively smaller market than its larger neighbours like India and China, Nepal however presents a very promising proposition for companies like Ather to understand new markets in terms of product performance and acceptability.

Also, Ather Energy has partnered with top banks and NBFCs like IDFC First, Bajaj Finance, and Hero FinCorp to enhance accessibility to EVs. By offering flexible loan tenures of up to five years, the monthly EMIs for Ather electric scooters have become as low as Rs 2,999. This forward-thinking initiative aligns with the Indian government’s goal of achieving 30% electric vehicle penetration by 2030, making sustainable mobility a reality nationwide.

Ather Energy partners with Bajaj Finance to make EVs more accessible to consumers

Telugu super news,National, June16, 2023: Ather Energy, India’s leading electric scooter brand, entered into a strategic partnership with Bajaj Finance Ltd (BFL), part of Bajaj Finserv Ltd, to provide easy financing options to customers of EV two-wheelers. The EV industry has seen substantial growth in the past couple of years. Through this partnership with one of India’s leading and diversified financial services groups, Ather Energy aims to leverage Bajaj’s reach and penetration across India to make EVs more accessible and affordable for customers.

Bajaj Finance is a technology driven NBFC, offering a comprehensive suite of financial solutions and focused on enhancing customer experience digitally. The partnership aims to enhance customer convenience and highlights the growth of EV financing in line with the industry. Being a forerunner of the EV ecosystem in India, Ather’s product has encouraged major finance institutions in the country to offer lucrative EV financing options to consumers, who are looking to make the EV switch.  

Speaking on the partnership, Ravneet Phokela, Chief Business Officer, Ather Energy said, “As a pioneer in the Indian EV 2-wheeler industry, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure ease of purchase for EV intenders without compromising on convenience. In order to provide our customers with more lucrative financing choices, Ather has worked with a strong set of  financial institutions and will continue to do so in the future. Bajaj Finance being one of India’s leading finance groups with a diversified product portfolio will ensure further ease of purchase for our consumers and help drive more EV adoption at a larger scale.”

BFL has a strong customer base of 7 crores, which Ather is planning to leverage to create growth opportunities for both the brand and the EV industry. With BFL, Ather customers can get 100% on road funding and even the newer customers can get an EMI approval in less than 5 minutes, which is currently the fastest approval turn-around-time in the industry.   

Mr. Amit Raghuvanshi, President – Personal Loans & Sales Finance, Bajaj Finance Ltd. said, “We are honoured to partner with Ather Energy. Bajaj Finance’s pan India presence perfectly aligns with Ather Energy’s expansion plan as well, complementing their aspirations to serve customers across the nation. With Bajaj Finance’s end-to-end digital journey and quick disbursements, Ather customers can avail of hassle-free loans, ensuring a seamless financing experience.”

In December 2022, Ather Energy was the first EV OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to introduce a 48-month tenure product. The response from customers was overwhelmingly positive, showcasing their readiness to embrace EVs. Building on this success, Ather Energy and Bajaj Finance are proud to launch a 60-month tenure product that brings down the monthly EMIs for customers to as low as INR 2999, thereby offering customers more flexibility and affordability.

Ather Energy sold 8182 units in April ’23 registering a 117% year-on-year growth

·        Ather revamped its product portfolio; introduced two new configurations of the 450X

·        Released a study to reiterate e-scooters have a much lower carbon footprint than ICE scooters

·        Ather is now available in 87 cities with 120 Experience Centres

Telugu super news Hyderabad,May 1,2023:Ather Energy, India’s leading electric scooter manufacturer has reported that it retailed an impressive 8182 units in April 2023. This figure represents a significant year-on-year increase for Ather, and demonstrates the continued growth of the EV industry in India.

Commenting on these developments, Ravneet Singh Phokela, Chief Business Officer, Ather Energy, said: “We delivered 8182 scooters in April, registering 117% year-on-year growth.There has been a dip in sales this month when compared to March ‘23 due to the uncertainty around FAME policy and its cascading impact. We continue to see a steady rise in demand across the country, and we are increasing our retail footprint to cater to the demand. Currently, we have 120 retail stores across 87 cities and over 1300 Ather Grid fast chargers.”

Ather Energy continues to expand its retail network and charging infrastructure through cutting-edge technology and commitment to sustainability. It is clear that the company is poised to play a major role in the transformation of India transportation sector.