Sony BBC Earth premieres ‘Changing Planet’

National, 28th,July , 2023: Sony BBC Earth, one of India’s most loved factual entertainment channels is all set to premiere ‘Changing Planet’. The show takes viewers on a pictorial tour of Earth’s most fragile ecosystems and the escalating environmental threats encircling them. The two-part series captures six bellwether territories bringing to the fore remarkable changes that have unfolded over the past two years through visual storytelling.

Produced by BBC Studios Natural History Unit, ‘Changing Planet’ is a seven-year natural history project that has six presenters visit six of the planet’s most threatened ecosystems to meet the people fighting to restore the Earth’s delicate balance. It delves into stories that reverberate across continents, revealing the interconnectedness of our global environment. Each episode serves as a powerful reminder that the issues faced in one corner of the world have far-reaching implications elsewhere. The show aims to portray how innovative solutions implemented in diverse regions can address environmental challenges, transcending borders and paving the way for a more sustainable future.

The first season takes viewers to the regions of Maldives, Iceland, Cambodia, Brazil, California, and Kenya. From the portrayal of the warming seas and the acidification of oceans in the Maldives leading to coral bleaching to the effects of global warming in Iceland causing temperatures to soar in the Arctic resulting in a meltdown, the series will unveil many more facts about these regions. It also covers the massive pressure on natural resources faced by Cambodia, with ever-expanding cities and devastating overexploitation of the natural world.

The second season re-visits these territories exploring the ecological issues threatening the planet In Cambodia, episode two follows an expedition to reintroduce the critically endangered Siamese crocodile into the Cardamom Mountains which play a crucial role in restoring the Tonle Sap Lake ecosystem. Climate change in Maldives is posing a dire threat to the world’s coral causing leading coral scientists to shift their focus from academic research to practical measures like coral farming. A visit to the Zackenberg Research Station in Northeast Greenland offered critical insights into the extent of Arctic warming and its global effects.

‘Changing Planet’ promises to kindle viewers’ curiosity, awakening their sense of wonder and igniting a passion for preserving our planet’s natural treasures. Audiences must be prepared to be enthralled as the series unravels the mysteries of the world’s most critical ecosystems and the pressing need for global conservation efforts.

Tune in to Sony BBC Earth on July 31, 2023, to watch ‘Changing Planet’ at 12:00 PM and 09:00 PM, Monday to Thursday!


Tushar Shah, ‘Chief Marketing Officer & Business Head – English Cluster & Sony AATH, Sony Pictures Networks India.

“Changing Planet promises to captivate audiences with its compelling stories of resilience, adaptation, and conservation efforts across the globe. The concept of the series is unique as it examines select locations and highlights the changes observed by the team in those regions. We hope that our viewers find these stories insightful and inspirational.”

Rosemary Edwards, Executive Producer of Changing Planet II (This will be shared by Global team)

“Changing Planet has never been more relevant. There is a need to address the challenges of our warming seas, shrinking habitats, and melting arctic regions and the best way to reach the masses is by making them see the change. Through this show, we celebrate the inspiring work undertaken by champions of the natural world.”

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