Samsung Launches Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV with Multi Voice Assistant, Video Calling & IoT Sensors for a Connected Living Experience

Telugu super news,Mational, August 16th, 2023:Samsung, global No.1 television brand for 17 years, today announced the launch of its Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV in India. This latest addition to the Crystal UHD TV line-up comes with flagship smart features such as Multi Voice Assistant, Video Calling with SlimFit Cam, Solar Remote, built-in IoT Hub with Calm Onboarding and IoT Light Sensors for auto brightness adjustmentfor a truly connected living experience.

Keeping in mind the demand of modern Indian consumers for a seamless everyday life, the Crystal Vision 4K UHD TVs come with a newly added and built-in Multi Voice Assistant that allow consumers to view content at ease and enjoy a connected home experience by using either Bixby or Amazon Alexa.

Designed to offer captivating picture and sound quality, the new Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV celebrates the brilliance of One Billion True Colours with PurColor and Crystal Processor 4K. PurColor assures a lifelike experience of content with one billion shades of rich and vibrant colours, while the intelligent Crystal Processor 4K upscales lower-resolution picture for superior 4K level.

Starting at INR 33,990, the new Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV will be available from August 4, 2023 on Flipkart and Samsung Shop in 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes.

“While buying a television, modern Indian consumers look for immaculate picture and sound quality, immersive gaming experience, and advanced features that facilitate easy connected living. Our new Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV perfectly ticks all these boxes and comes with additional features such as Multi Voice Assistant and Video Calling to enhance the user experience,” said Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Visual Display Business, Samsung India.

The new line-up also features HDR (High Dynamic Range) that allows consumers to enjoy better contrast with rich darks and bright lights. It increases the range of light levels on the TV with an enhancement of the contrast quality so that consumers can cherish a massive spectrum of colours and all the visual details even in the darkest scenes. The 3-Side Bezel-less Design perfectly allows for an immersive viewing experience.

For a truly immersive content viewing experience, the Crystal Vision 4K UHD TVs feature OTS Lite that allows consumers to feel the on-screen motion as if it is real with 3D surround sound created with two virtual speakers. Adaptive Sound provides optimal sound experience by analysing all contents scene-by-scene on real-time, making it more dynamic and amplifying the intended effects.

The new range comes with built-in IoT Hub with Calm Onboarding and IoT-enabled light sensors, for automatically adjusting brightness. Calm Onboarding effortlessly syncs all smart devices, including third-party appliances, for smoother control. The new Crystal Vision 4K UHD TVs also feature Smart Hub, the focal point of the smart home experience that assembles entertainment, ambient and gaming options together. The Tizen OS-powered entertainment hub renders access to Samsung TV Plus, the company’s free ad-supported TV and video-on-demand service comprising 100 channels in India.

The new range is also a wonderland for gamers, thanks to its Auto Low Latency Mode and Motion Xcelerator features, which enable swifter frame transition, along with quick and instant reactions. It also has multiple modes such as Smart Work, Gaming, and Smart Watching.

Price and Availability

Samsung’s new Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV will come in 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes, with prices starting from INR 33,990. The new lineup will be available online on Flipkart & from August 4, 2023.

Consumers can also avail up to INR 3000 cashback and a 12-month no cost EMI from leading banks while purchasing the television.

Warranty: 2 Years (1 Year Standard + 1 Year Extended Warranty on Panel Only)

Key Features of Crystal Vision 4K UHD TVs

Multi Voice Assistant

Consumers can pick their favorite voice assistant that is built-in into the new Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV for an advanced control in their connected home. They can choose between Bixby or Amazon Alexa and cherish an optimal home entertainment experience from the coziness and comfort of their living couch.

Video calling with SlimFit Cam

Consumers can enjoy video calls with their loved ones or for work meetings on the big screen using the SlimFit Cam. They can connect their video call applications to the TV screen and convert their television into a video call device, instantly.

SolarCell Remote

This TV comes with a SolarCell Remote with minimalistic keys. It is completely battery-free and can be charged through room lights and it also draws power from spare energy emitted by Wi-Fi routers.  

Smart Hub

With Samsung’s new Smart Hub, content curation and discovery have never been easier. Consumers can now spend less time searching and more time enjoying their favorite movies, shows, and other content. The Smart Hub offers content that suits consumers’ taste within a matter of few seconds and plays it. All the content they want is in one full screen, helping them experience a personalised Smart Hub that perfectly suits their preference. It provides content forward experience customised to various TV experiences, and enhanced accessibility to features.

Calm Onboarding

Consumers do not have to connect devices one by one to use SmartThings anymore. Samsung Smart TV can now detect and connect to Samsung devices with Calm Technology without any difficulty for an intuitive experience right from the comfort of their couch. The television can now detect and connect to other smart devices automatically with Calm Technology, omitting the need for manual connection.

IoT Sensor

The light sensor detects changes in illuminance on seven levels and adjusts the brightness to optimize the viewing environment.


With PurColor, consumers can enjoy an above and beyond experience while watching their favorite content by enjoying real life colour expression on the screen. It enables the TV to express a vast range of colours for optimal picture performance and an immersive viewing experience. With One Billion True Colours, this distinctive technology brings reality to the TV screen, with existing colours being showcased in their original state.

Crystal Processor 4K

The powerful Crystal Processor 4K precisely maps every shade of colour with a 16-bit 3D Colour Mapping algorithm and analyzes various data to adaptively optimize the picture for a lifelike 4K resolution with Adaptive 4K Upscaling.

OTS Lite

OTS Lite (Object Tracking Sound Lite) provides two virtual top speakers made with Samsung’s AI algorithms, allowing consumers to feel the motions inside each scene with both their eyes and ears simultaneously. This feature eliminates any requirement of additional speakers to enjoy the cinematic 3D sound as they already have one that generates from the two virtual speakers at the top. It has an object-tracking sound that tracks the movement of on-screen elements and produces sound in locations that match the content using multi-channel speakers, thereby delivering a dynamic 3D-like sound experience with Dolby Digital Plus.


This intelligent feature allows the Samsung TV and Soundbar to perfectly synchronize for an elevated surround sound effect without muting the television speakers.

Gaming Features

This TV is a paradise for gamers as it comes with the Auto Game Mode and Motion Xcelerator features, which allow faster frame transition and low latency for the ultimate gaming experience.

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