Samsung Brings Ultra-Luxurious Micro LED to India; Get Ready to Experience the Pinnacle of Display Technology

·        Available in mighty display size of 110-inch, the Micro LED is a quintessential statement piece

·        Starting today, the Micro LED will be available at select retail stores in India and on

Telugu super news,GURUGRAM, India, August 2, 2023:Samsung, global No.1 television brand for 17 years, today announced the launch of its ultra-luxurious Micro LED in India. Available in the massive screen size of 110-inch, it stands for absolute splendour and next-level technology.

Unbelievably striking and boasting a sleek design, the Micro LED has been tastefully designed for consumers willing to go the extra mile for ultra-premium viewing experience. It perfectly resonates with the individual style of consumers who want to make their luxury interior spaces more distinctive.

The Micro LED sports 24.8 million micrometer-sized ultra-small LEDs, which are 1/10th of large sized LEDs. All these micro-LEDs individually produce light and colour to create an incredibly immersive experience through impressive depth, vibrant colours and a heightened level of clarity and contrast.Made from sapphire material, the second hardest material on Earth, the Micro LED allows vivid colours on screen that never fade.

Its minimalistic Monolith Design allows the Micro LED to merge with any home décor style, thanks to its invisible bezel and no-gap slim edges. Additionally, Ambient Mode+ lets consumers turn it into an art display wall for an unforgettable, immersive experience.

The Micro LED will be available starting today at select retail stores in India and on at a price of INR 11499000.

“With the introduction of Micro LED, a technological and design masterpiece, our aim is to offer consumers with an unparalleled immersive viewing experience. Designed tastefully to suit the luxurious lifestyle of our consumers, the Micro LED also lends a larger-than-life grandiose to premium living spaces. We are pleased to present the Micro LED as a means to reimagine immersive entertainment, offering consumers an unrivaled and captivating viewing experience,” said Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Visual Display Business, Samsung India.

The Micro LED technology offers outstanding details, lifelike colour representation, sharp contrast, optimum peak brightness at all scenes, and sublime AI-upscaling. Adding to these is the Arena Sound that celebrates the power of three – OTS Pro, Dolby Atmos, and Q-Symphony, which render unparalleled 3D sound and overwhelming cinematic experience, elevating consumers’ content viewing experience multiple notches higher.

About Micro LED

Micro LED Technology

The Micro LED technology comprises Micro LED, Micro Contrast, Micro Colour, Micro HDR, and Micro AI Processor, which work cohesively to offer the ultimate, high-end picture purity that human eyes can see.

The incredibly tiny LEDs, which are self-emitting backlights, have each pixel creating light on their own for a precise and perfect solution for stunning picture quality. The unique Micro LED technology also increases the purity of colours by maximizing brightness levels, making them resemble the original content.

Furthermore, the LEDs provide optimum peak brightness at all scenes, adjusting picture clarity with accuracy. These can also express exact grayscale via 20-bit processing to augment immersive viewing. The Micro AI Processor ensures aged videos a new life by improving their picture to the highest level using Multi-Intelligence AI Upscaling, Scene Adaptive Contrast, and Dynamic Range Expansion+.

Arena Sound

The exclusive 3-Layer equipped OTS Pro omits the requirement to install any additional equipment for rich sound performance. This feature enables a cinematic experience by tracking all the screen movements and concocting a dynamic surround sound through the 5.1ch speakers that are embedded inside. Besides, it comes with Dolby Atmos that guarantees unprecedented 3D surround sound via the added top channel speakers.

With Samsung’s proprietary sound technology – Q Symphony, consumers can enjoy an ideal harmony between Soundbar and the TV via the Center Mode that promises a clearer delivery of the voices of content.

Monolith Design

An ideal piece for an exclusive design statement, the Micro LED is the pinnacle of futuristic design that offers matchless charm to a space. Its bezel-less frame and no-gap slimness allow the Micro LED to smoothly blend into any space regardless of the style and décor. This means consumers can solely focus on the content on the screen without any distraction.

Additionally, the TV comes with a SolarCell Remote that aligns with Samsung’s commitment of promoting sustainability. Flaunting a sleek design with minimalistic keys, the remote is completely battery-free and can be charged on indoor lighting only.

Multi View

The Multi View feature facilitates content viewing from up to four different sources in pristine 4K resolution at up to 120 FPS (frames per second) on one enormous screen. Now, watching live sports or TV shows can be done simultaneously. This amazing feature is available for gamers as well wherein they can enjoy multi-console to play their favourite games.

Art Mode and Ambient Mode+

Together with its magnificent design, the Micro LED comes packed with enhanced customised features such as the classy Art Mode and the Ambient Mode+. Art Mode is a high-class membership service that allows consumers to let their refined taste unravel on a colossal screen. They can turn any space into a private art gallery by exhibiting their favourite artworks, digital photographs, or even personal photos.

Ambient Mode+ enables consumers to customise their TV screen in a way that transforms the entire wall. They can choose from multiple QLED Ambient such as Routine, Décor, Cinema Graph, and a lot more. They can also choose from their personal photo bucket, and freely revamp the mood of their interior space.

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