Royal Stag Boombox in partnership with Viacom18 unveils their third original song ‘Mohabbat’ with a unique collaboration of Melody X Hip Hop between Amit Trivedi and SlowCheeta

Telugu super news,National, August 18, 2023: Royal Stag Boombox, in collaboration with Viacom18, is all set to bring a completely new genre of music where the melody of Bollywood meets the gully of hip hop creating the original sound of generation large. Music evokes emotions in people across generations, making it a significant passion pillar for Seagram’s Royal Stag. In this modern era, the younger audience is more inclined towards exploring exciting new forms of music. Celebrating the spirit of ‘Living it Large’ and having enthralled thousands of music lovers in Manipal, Bhubaneshwar, Pune, Indore & Dehradun with its unique on-ground experiences, Royal Stag Boombox enters its next phase with launch of 4 original music tracks. The third original music track to be released is a unique collaboration between music maestro, Amit Trivedi and the spunky rapper SlowCheeta.

The new song ‘Mohabbat’ reinforces our belief in the most powerful emotion ever known to us – LOVE. Amit Trivedi plays the love guru (philosopher) and coaxes a nervous fresher, SlowCheeta, to express his love freely. This song is a perfect blend of Desi melody and Hip-Hop beats and showcases the different phases of falling in love.

It’s the third original song under the series of Melody x Hip Hop music tracks to be released across platforms, as part of Royal Stag Boombox’s unique, phygital format.

Rapper SlowCheeta shared, “Royal Stag Boombox is an incredible platform where artists like us can come together to collaborate and express ourselves. The opportunity to work with an icon like Amit Trivedi and create something as special as this track is priceless. I am going to cherish this for a long time.” 

Music composer and singer Amit Trivedi added “I had a lot of fun making Mohabbat with SlowCheeta. It’s a lovely song that captures the entertaining vibe of Bollywood music combined with the energy of rap. Royal Stag Boombox is doing a great job bringing such fresh new sounds to the audience.”

Music is a significant passion pillar for Seagram’s Royal Stag and today’s youth tilt towards exploring exciting new forms of music. Contemporary genres such as hip-hop are becoming increasingly popular, while Bollywood melodies remain integral to the youth’s cultural milieu. Royal Stag Boombox intends to stir the imagination of this generation, blending music they have inherited – Bollywood scores, with the genre that speaks to them, Hip Hop. The third song, Mohabbat is live on YouTube, social and major audio platforms.

Tune into ‘Mohabbat’ on Royal Stag Live It Large YouTube Channel:

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