Protinex announces Protinex Protein Abhiyaan 2023

Hyderabad July 5th,2023: Protinex, India’s leading nutrition brand, has announced the launch of Protinex Protein Abhiyaan 2023 – a nationwide awareness initiative to address the pressing issue of inadequate protein intake in India. Since 2017, Protinex has been at the forefront of driving a nationwide movement to raise awareness and transform behaviour about protein consumption in India. With Protinex Protein Abhiyaan, the brand is poised to make an even greater impact, furthering its commitment to empowering individuals and fostering a healthier India. In 2022, Protinex Protein Abhiyaan achieved a remarkable milestone reaching 20 million people with 150 thousand pledges.

Protinex is a brand of Danone India, a global food and nutrition company operating in over 120 countries. With a current market share of around 27% (according to Nielsen Report, April ’23) in the adult nutrition category, Protinex has established itself as the category leader. Protinex Protein Abhiyaan aligns with Danone’s ‘One Planet. One Health’ framework and the company’s mission of promoting health through food for as many people as possible.

Sriram Padmanabhan, Marketing Director -Danone India, said: We are proud to have been leading the charge on the protein agenda in India. Protinex Protein Abhiyaan is our commitment to promoting good health and well-being among Indians. Protein is a crucial macronutrient however, 70% of Indian consumers do not consume protein enough.

Through this campaign, we aim to educate consumers about the importance of adequate protein consumption and encourage them to make it a part of their daily diet. Protinex Protein Abhiyaan 2023 marks a new milestone in our journey, as we strive to create an even larger impact and empower individuals across the nation”

As a part of Protinex Protein Abhiyaan, the brand will be conducting 8 on-ground activities in New Delhi and Mumbai to engage with consumers directly. Protinex will also launch a series of informative videos featuring nutrition experts who will share insights and tips on incorporating protein into daily diets.

Additionally, Protinex will distribute Protinex kits to ASHA workers for every 1000 pledges collected. The complete campaign will leverage a mix of digital and traditional media channels to spread awareness about the role of protein in maintaining good health and the benefits of including it in the daily diet.

As one of the country’s leading nutrition brands, Protinex aspires to reach as many people as possible, including those in rural areas and urban cities, empowering more people to make informed decisions about their nutrition and prioritize their health. Protinex Protein Abhiyaan 2023 will commence on July 4 and Protinex invites everyone to join in and learn more about the role of protein in maintaining good health.

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