Nexzu Mobility Plans Multi-Fold Dealership Network Expansion by the end of 2024

To meet the growing demand for EV-cycles, Nexzu aims to expand its current network by eight times.

Hyderabad 17thFebruary 2024 – Nexzu Mobility, an innovative urban transportation solution provider, has announced its strategic plan to significantly expand its dealership network. The company plans to multiply its current retail network by eightfold before the end of the calendar year. A five-year old brand in the EV-cycle category, Nexzu Mobility is looking at redefining mobility with its smart, India-engineered EV-cycles.

With an aim to establish a network of 10 distributors, each having 20 dealerships, Nexzu intends to foster substantial growth and widespread presence across regions in India. Currently, Nexzu Mobility operates with five distributors, each equipped with four dealerships, spread across the country. Recognizing the immense potential for the future of EV cycles in India, Nexzu Mobility is set to significantly enhance its outreach.

Mr. Chintamani Sardesai, Business Head, Nexzu Mobility said; “The Indian EV cycle market is starting to experience an unparalleled growth in India. As we expand our dealership network, we strive to bring back cycling as an enjoyable mode of transportation. We firmly believe that by offering high-quality and ergonomically designed electric cycles that seamlessly blend the latest technology, we can enable people to make more environmentally conscious decisions and build an ecosystem for more effective mobility in India.”

The company already has a network in place across the nation, serving the Southern region through prominent locations in important metropolises like Bangalore and Chennai. With its touchpoints in Kolkata, the company caters to the demands of the Eastern region; and with facilities in Pune and Vadodara, connects with consumers in the Western region. In order to capitalise on the growing market potential presented by India’s increasing demand for EVs, Nexzu Mobility is looking at further penetrating its reach in the Western and Northern regions while concurrently strengthening its position in the Southern market.

To meet the needs of both B2B and B2C markets, Nexzu Mobility has created and engineered three EV-cycles: Rompus+, RoadLark, and Bazinga. The indigenously developed products are 95% localised with in-house developed powertrain system and are manufactured in Pune. Nexzu EV-cycles are developed, keeping in mind the needs of Indian consumers’, rethinking cycling and expanding the boundaries of sustainable transportation.

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