Mr.Imran Khan is the first ever athlete who has been qualified to represent INDIA in the International platform, that too from Hyderabad Telangana.

Telugu super news,Hyderabad,November 16th,2022:Hyderabad based Mr. Imran Kahan is a professional Body Builder and have won many tittles on his name, recently he went to Kuwait to qualify in Olympia. Qualification to compete on the iconic Olympia stage is the most sought after achievement in the world of professional physique competition.

In order to qualify, an athlete must meet requirements as set forth by the IFBB Professional League, the official sanctioning organization of the Olympia. Mr. Imran Khan came to Mumbai to participate in Pro Show and won the title and qualified, know Mr.Khan is going to the America to be a part of the iconic Mr.OLYMPIA.  Speaking on this occation *Mr. Shafi Sami, President NPC Telangana 

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