MedPlus introduces discount of 50-80% on over 500 medicines

Telugu supe news,Hyderabad, June 21, 2023: MedPlus,India’s leading Omni-channel retail pharmacy and diagnostics chain, today announced the introduction of a massivediscount of 50 to 80% on over 500 off-patent therapeutic and chronic medicines under its own brand.

With a huge network of over 3800retail storesspanning seven states and serving over one crore customers every month, MedPlus has the size and scale to get all medicines produced by high-quality manufacturers.

MedPlus also implements a comprehensive testing process to meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy. Leveraging aseamless mechanism to serve its customers better, the company has now launched 500 drugs under the MedPlus brand and is offering them at an extraordinary discount of 50 to 80%.

Speaking about the industry-first initiative, Gangadi Madhukar Reddy, MD & CEO, MedPlus Health Services said,“MedPlus constantly strives to bring the best practices to the pharmacy business and is focused on making genuine and branded medicines available for the consumer at the most affordable cost.

In a giant leap towards our unwavering commitment to the consumers, we are introducing a new discount regime that will provide substantial savings to the customers. We are able to offer 50 to 80% discount since we operate at a massive scale based on our ever-growing store network. Our size allows us to eliminate marketing, distribution and other retail costsand we are passing on thesebenefits to customers.”

MedPlus will initially offer discounts on over 500 therapeutic and chronic medicines and will eventually extend discounts on more than 800 products in the next three months.

These medicines will include Over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription drugs used in treating various diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, kidney ailments and many more.

Founded in 2006 by Gangadi Madhukar Reddy, a Wharton School alumnus and serial entrepreneur, MedPlus has been revolutionizing the pharmacy business in India by offering authentic and high-quality medicines to consumers through innovation and safety practices.

MedPlus was the first organized pharmacy retailer in the country to introduce 20% discount on all branded medicines and continues to set newer benchmarks in the market.

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