Maruti Suzuki Subscribe introduces Pre-Fixed Buy-Back Price option

·        Maruti Suzuki Subscribe White Plate Subscription now available with pre-fixed vehicle buy-back price

·        The pre-fixed vehicle buy-back price is an additional subscription option offered by subscription partners

·        Vehicle buy-back price payable at the end of the subscription tenure is fixed upfront

·        Partners offering this pricing option: Orix, ALD Automotive, Quiklyz by Mahindra Finance and Myles.

National, August , 2023: Maruti Suzuki Subscribe introduces a new pre-fixed buy-back price option for its White Plate Subscription Product (vehicle registered in name of customers). The new vehicle subscription option allows customers the choice of availing a pre-determined vehicle buy-back price for their Maruti Suzuki at the end of the subscription tenure. Customers are provided with the pre-fixed vehicle buy-back price along with subscription rentals under this new function. This would provide greater flexibility for customers to plan and make a more informed decision of retaining the car at the end of its subscription tenure.

Text Box: Maruti Suzuki Subscribe:
New-age vehicle ownership option with an all-inclusive monthly rental, including:
•	Vehicle Ex-showroom Price
•	RTO Expenses
•	Insurance (New & Renewals)
•	Accessories (Customizable)
•	Vehicle Maintenance & Roadside Assistance

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer, Marketing and Sales, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said, “Maruti Suzuki Subscribe has fast evolved over the years as an alternate mode of car ownership, keeping customer convenience and flexibility at the forefront. Having celebrated the third anniversary last month, the Maruti Suzuki Subscribe program continues to expand its footprint and become the preferred choice of car ownership for customers. I am thrilled to announce the introduction of more ownership options under Maruti Suzuki Subscribe program, which would provide higher flexibility to customers in fulfilling their needs with greater ease and convenience.”

The new White Plate Subscription with buy-back product will be an addition to the current flagship subscription plan that includes the tenure end options of returning the car to the subscription partner or retaining the car at the market decided price. The White Plate Subscription with buy-back option would be available in select cities based on the presence of subscription partners.

Maruti Suzuki Subscribe has witnessed a strong customer acceptance with over 292% growth in volumes in the FY 22-23. The program provides unparalleled convenience and flexibility for the complete car ownership experience. Customers can drive their dream car without having to make a down payment upfront, and can choose from multiple tenure options at an all-inclusive fixed monthly rental. Maruti Suzuki Subscribe also offers customers the option of foreclosing the subscription plan at any point in time.

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