Lupin Launches Humrahi Unique Patient Support Program for Diabetes Management 

Telugu super news,Mumbai, October 4, 2023: Global pharma major Lupin Limited (Lupin) announced the launch of Humrahi, a patient support program, ushering in a new era of diabetes management through adherence, behavior and transformation. 

India has the highest prevalence of diabetes globally, with an estimated 77 million people living with the condition and an expected 134 million cases by 2045, making the need for an innovative healthcare solution critical. Individuals living with the illness are at increased risk of developing multiple complications, including heart disease, stroke, kidney ailments, nerve damage and vision impairment. However, effective management can significantly mitigate these risks. 

Humrahi, translating to “Companion” is a guide in the journey of diabetes management. It offers comprehensive support by emphasizing the critical aspects of therapy adherence through personalized diet counseling, medication assistance, and tailored lifestyle modifications, all under the guidance of healthcare professionals. Further, Humrahi empowers patients with the knowledge and skills necessary for precise insulin injection techniques, thereby enabling them to effectively manage blood sugar levels and experience an enhanced quality of life.

Patients can access this program via the Play Store or the App Store, as well as through the dedicated website Additionally, individuals seeking personalized assistance can connect with a dedicated care executive at the toll-free number 7808777777.

“Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in our nation, earning us the unfortunate title of the global diabetes capital. With Humrahi, our commitment is to provide patients with comprehensive support, from raising awareness about the disease to ensuring treatment adherence. We are committed to extending the benefits of Humrahi to every diabetic patient in India, serving as their dedicated partners on their journey towards better health and well-being,” said Rajeev SibalPresident India Region FormulationsLupin.

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