Heartfulness & Ms. Sudha Reddy Host A Heart-to-Heart Talk With Pujya Daaji  

Heartfulness & Ms. Sudha Reddy Host A Heart-to-Heart Talk With Pujya Daaji

Heartfulness and Ms. Sudha Reddy – Director of MEIL Group and Sudha Reddy Foundation hosted a very thoughtful session on transcendental thoughts and questions revolving around spirituality, inner self and dealing with the challenges of lifestyle in the current times and solutions to them from Pujya Daaji – Shri Kamlesh Patel Guide of Heartfulness at her residence on Friday. The talk was followed by a group Heartfulness meditation led by Pujya Daaji. The session was attended by spiritual connoisseurs and Heartfulness volunteers Friday evening.  

Ms. Sudha Reddy said, “I had been long contemplating this and I am very obliged that Pujya Daaji took his time to make his gracious presence here today. It was amazing to have the solutions coming from him for all the many universal questions I had for quite some time which are pertinent not only to me, but also to many other women, mothers, and families out there. Lifestyles have changed drastically, suddenly the simple art of living is lot and there is chaos everywhere. Daaji gives simple and practical solutions to tackle all these challenges. You realise that they are something that are not just impressive by the ease of the solutions, but the fact that they are very actionable and approachable is what makes his teachings appealing.”  

Shri Kamlesh Patel ‘Daaji’ said, “I had earlier said, ‘You are the experiment, you are the experimenter, and you are the outcome’. Today’s session showing us that there are so many eager, enthusiastic seekers of the Absolute Truth who irrespective of where they come from, they want to experience that Truth. Unless there is the desire to experience the Truth for oneself, there is no motivation to experiment in the first place. We are living in an age of spiritual awakening. It is pleasing to see that Sudha Reddy ji came up with such meaningful questions that are of significance to our society at large now. Many are bothered by the thoughts, but they possibly do not have a way out. Heartfulness meditation is the key to liberate oneself from the mire and confusion. With meditation comes awareness and focus, it gives rise to patience and wisdom, and most importantly teaches you to be happy under all circumstances. It gives me immense joy to see the participation here today that more and more people benefit from our meditation technique through Pranahuti.” 

Ms. Sudha Reddy also unveiled ‘The Wisdom Bridge’, a new book from Pujya Daaji that has already taken the world of book-readers by storm. The book is a treasure-trove of wisdom on how and what it takes to raise a child. The book also has something for every generation and chalks out the golden ways to lead a life full of bliss. The book is already trending on Amazon with thousands of orders and still counting.  

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