General Motors Selects Adobe Experience Cloud To Deliver Real-time Customer Engagement

Adobe announces

Telugu super news,India, April 12,2023:Today, at Adobe Summit – the world’s largest Digital Experience Conference – Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) announced that General Motors (GM) has selected Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver one-to-one personalized interactions at scale for millions of its customers. 

As GM moves closer towards its goal of growing capacity to one million electric vehicles (EVs) annually by 2025, the ability to personalize each customer interaction will be critical to educating consumers on EV benefits, then guiding them through buying and post-purchase journeys. GM will use applications running on top of Experience Platform (AEP) including Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer and Customer Journey Analytics as integrated tools to unify customer insights and orchestrate experiences across online and offline touchpoints–in real time. 

“We are at the beginning of an EV movement that will fundamentally change how we move around, delivering a zero-emissions future with a driving experience that is transformed with compelling digital services,” said Ajay Kapoor, global director of performance driven marketing, at General Motors. “As we move from normalizing EVs and educating consumers, through to showcasing next generation personalization capabilities, Adobe Experience Cloud will provide a center of gravity that allows us to connect with customers in a relevant and highly customized fashion.” 

“A unified view of our customers will take our marketing efforts to the next level, providing us the precision we need to orchestrate customer experiences across major online and offline channels,” said Kapoor. “Our work with Adobe Experience Cloud will also set us up for targeted personalization in and around our vehicles, where EV buyers can look forward to helpful content that guides them immediately after they’ve purchased a vehicle, such as with alerts and directions when their EVs need to be charged.” 

Adobe announces

“General Motors has years of experience with Adobe Creative Cloud applications, creating beautiful content that showcases new products, and leveraging tools such as Adobe Substance 3D to simultaneously reimagine the vehicle design process and enhance marketing efforts,” said Stephen Frieder, chief revenue officer, enterprise at Adobe. “Now, our expanded relationship around Adobe Experience Cloud will beautifully combine art and science, supporting experience-led growth in its EV initiatives by leveraging deep insights to engage customers with the most relevant, impactful content.”   

With AEP, GM can unify customer data from across its organization under a common data model, while implementing strict governance and security controls. A single source of truth about GM owners can then be activated through an integrated set of applications, showcasing the true power of AEP: 

  • Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (Real-Time CDP) provides GM teams with unified customer profiles that can be updated in real time, as interactions happen across touchpoints such as brand websites, emails and mobile apps. This equips each GM team with an accurate understanding of where customers are in their journeys with any brand, so it can avoid repetitive or unintuitive marketing efforts. In an early test, GM leveraged Adobe Real-Time CDP to support customers that expressed interest in its Cadillac brand; Their next GM interaction surfaced tools that allowed them to build and customize a Cadillac vehicle. Each subsequent engagement follows similar logic, including customization based on actions customers took in their buying journeys. 
  • Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) is the orchestration engine that enables GM to pick the right channels and moments to engage with customers. AJO provides a visual interface for teams to build one-to-one journeys across online and offline touchpoints, scaled across the GM customer base with experiences that can be triggered in impactful and helpful ways. For instance, if an individual has just purchased an EV, GM can immediately deliver communications on charging stations, routine maintenance and helpful mobile app features. 
  • Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) provides cross-channel insights, empowering GM teams to optimize marketing efforts and customer experiences over time. As GM orchestrates content and messages across channels, CJA helps teams understand where customers are experiencing issues. CJA can also identify opportunities, such as new support features designed to guide individuals during EV shopping stages. A single source of truth about GM customers can be leveraged by any team that touches the customer experience. This can lower barriers across the GM organization and empower individuals to be more data-driven, helping ensure that every customer receives the same high quality, personalized level of interaction anywhere and every time they engage the brand.

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