Dreamtime Learning Hub Introduces its First Micro-Schooling Hub in Hyderabad


Telugu super news,Hyderabad 3, April 2023: Creating a new realm to the education ecosystem and developing a unique learning space, Dreamtime Learning Hub launches its first Micro-schooling Hub in Hyderabad. The hub provides a learning space for parents to co-create personalized educational journeys for their children. Located in the heart of Jubilee Hills, the hub creates the ultimate learning experience with its aesthetic design and a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology. The hub brings an exclusive community of 120 adventurous and mindful parents to co-create and learn alongside the child in an experiential, joyful, engaging and collaborative environment.

Micro-schooling, a community-based school that offers a hyper-personalized curriculum, is an emerging trend in the Indian market. It is driven by a growing demand for personalized and flexible education options and has a smaller student-teacher ratio. With the rise of home-schooling and alternative education models, micro-schooling is becoming increasingly popular for those who seek a more customized and individualized educational experience for their children. As a result, the demand for personalized education is rising in Hyderabad. This presents an opportunity for educational and training brands to target a highly receptive market to innovative and effective learning solutions.

Strengthening its presence with a similar approach and thoughts, the newly launched hub is a tech-enabled, outdoor-oriented, creation-focused micro-school catering to the needs of learners aged 3 to 16 years old. With its hyper-personalized curriculum, collaborative approach, and focus on social-emotional learning, the hub is set to become a leader in alternative education.

Dreamtime Learning Hub offers an array of exceptional facilities that cater to the diverse learning needs of students. The facilities include the community hub, studio space, drone, robotic space, the learning hub, tree house, animal petting corner and more, providing learners with opportunities that promote academic and personal growth. For instance, the Community Hub is a collaborative space for parents and teachers to engage and co-create personalized educational journeys for their children. The Studio Space is a creative and artistic zone where learners can express themselves and develop their skills. The hub will also have a dedicated technology space with Drones & Robot Testing Area allowing students to experiment and learn about robotics. With these world-class facilities, Dreamtime Learning Hub offers an immersive and holistic learning experience for students of all across all age groups.


Dr. Kavitha Jain, CEO, Dreamtime Learning Hub, said, “With the launch of our first hub, we intend to bring the true essence of personalized, mixed age group, accelerated, flexible and tech-enabled learning engagement to excite learners.  Hyderabad is a city of game changers, from startups to technology innovation the city has a great appetite for risk-taking disrupters hence we choose this city because parents here are courageous to provide what is best for their child stepping aside from the traditional normal system. The micro-school while very new to India, is a well-known concept to globe trotters and avid readers. It came into existence to fill the gap between what learners want and what is provided by the current education system. The curriculum is designed for every learner to attain self-mastery by understanding self and practising self-regulation. We don’t prepare them, we care for them. It is a shift from transactional learning to transformational learning. It’s all about choice, voice and agency for every learner. The goals are hyper-personalised to each learner with responsibility and compassion woven into everything they do. The maker’s spaces are designed for the learners to get their hands dirty and brains itching to design products to solve real-life problems. The small numbers, the unique design of the campus, community participation, and parent engagement is Co-creating learning journey that makes it delightful for learners. We plan to expand the school’s reach and impact and are looking at strengthening our presence to four more centres across metro cities in the next two years.”

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