Dr. Nawab Mir Nasir Ali Khan, the Honorable Counsel of Kazakhstan, inaugurated ‘FEHMICON 2023’

Hyderabad,7th August 2023: In a momentous occasion, the distinguished Honorable Counsel of Kazakhstan, Dr. Nawab Mir Nasir Ali Khan, inaugurated the 13th FEHMICON in Hyderabad, a two-day event continuing the yearly thematic conference conducted by Fehmicare Hospital.

For thirteen consecutive years, FEHMICON has remained at the forefront of efforts to combat gynecological malignancies and promote advanced knowledge in Gynaec Oncology. This year’s conference welcomed over 350 medical professionals, who joined forces on a mission and addressed the increasing global challenge of gynecological cancer.

Dr L Fahmida Banu Senior Gynaecologist and Minimally Invasive Surgeon and the Director of FehmiCare Hospital and organising chairperson of FEHMICON said, “We are conducting these thematic conferences to sensitise the current issues. This year it is focused on Gynaecological Oncology. The reason is preventive measures and diagnostic modalities that should be taught to the health care providers who in turn will  deliver this message to the women and their families. As with adolescence vaccinations, screening at regular intervals and detection at an early stage can save the life of the patient and control the disease burden and cost to the family and to the society.”

She also emphasised on the role of technology support like Artificial Intelligence, incorporated hand held devices which can be valuable tools by reducing the learning curve, easy to handle and has instantaneous reporting. Thereby laborious manual methods, delays/errors in reporting and lack of expertise in remote areas can be solved. Utilising the available resources and health professionals we can reach all unmet needs of the public and in non-reachable destinations”.

She further added, “It is time to sensitise the public, NGOs and policy makers to achieve our goal of eliminating cancer as the WHO Goal by 2025 following 90:70:90 principle.” Karkinos Healthcare in association with Fehmicare Hospital plans to drive progress and innovation in the realm of gynaecological cancers.

Dr. Sravanthi, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon at Karkinos Healthcare said, “Our collaboration for FEHMICON this year formed a strong partnership, amplifying our joint commitment to spread cancer awareness and share advanced knowledge in Gynaec Oncology space. This collaboration reinforces our dedicated efforts to improve the lives of women facing these challenges. Through this platform, Karkinos Healthcare took the focus to address a crucial concern – women’s cancer.”

She further added on India’s cancer burden, “Among all the cancers, Cervical Cancer is completely curable, only if detected early. However, in India, the yearly incidence rate of cervical cancer is 18% and the yearly mortality rate is 11.4%, which could be unquestionably brought down to a great extent in the next five years, if only we generate enough awareness about the efficacy rate of HPV Test. Because of its high negative predictive value, once tested, the chances of developing cervical precancerous lesions or cervical cancer in the next five to ten years becomes extremely low.”

The conference started with an overview of gynecological cancer, and the topics that were discussed included the prevention and early detection of cervical cancer, a preventable but potentially deadly condition. Attendees engaged in enlightening discussions about HPV vaccination, PAP smears, Liquid-based cytology, and other screening techniques crucial for identifying the disease in its early stages.

The conference further explored complicated aspects of managing uterine and ovarian malignancies. Participants actively took part in hands-on workshops, expert lectures, and insightful panel discussions, leaving them better equipped with comprehensive insights and practical skills.

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