Cattle trafficking rampant in Telangana ahead of Bakri Eid 1500 cattle rescued and 50 FIRS registered in just last 3 months

TELUGU SUPER NEWS,JUNE 19,2023:Rampant Cattle killing and trafficking is rampant in Telangana ahead of EID. As we all know Telangana is the hub of cattle mafia where cows and bulls are illegally stuffed in double deck containers and transported to illegally slaughter houses at various places and these are illegally cut and sold and even exported.

Volunteers of NGO Gau Gyan Foundation and Gau Raksha dal are relentlessly working to stop this trafficking. In last three months only, we have rescued more than 1500 cattle and have done around 50 FIRs. This was during the period of Ramzaan Eid and used for Haleem. n the month of Ramzaan, Haleem dish is sold across the streets of Hyderabad and an essential ingredient is tender meat from the calves.

The Police Stations where the cattle are received are Rajender Nagar, Shamshabad, Choutu Uppal, Ghatkesar, Bibinagar and Vanashtalipuram”, says Hariah. Attached, please the details of the cases, “And now as Bakri Eid is approaching, in next 15-20 days, the trafficking will be intense and we see at many places, bulls being stocked for sale for Bakri Eid.

Inspite of strict laws against the illegal trafficking, why this rampant smuggling is continuing without any fear of law. Why the police of the State is not able to put an end to this heinous crime? There needs to be strict vigilance and enforcement of law on these mafia elements to put an end to the trafficking.

Is the city of Hyderabad above the rule of law ? Have the reigns of the city been taken over by the cattle mafia ? So it seems from the unabated crime against voiceless animals and rampant breaking of laws by goons of cattle mafia.

countless cattle are being trafficked daily in the city for slaughter. Openly on social media, mafia groups are justifying their actions and openly threatening those who are following the law and saying they will take law in their hands.

  1. Health certificate by a qualified veterinary surgeon was not taken.
  2. Certificate from District Magistrate was also not taken.
  3. Food and Water was missing.
  4. Indemnity bond of attendees was also not accompanying 

Telangana State prohibition of cow slaughter and animal preservation act  1977 
Sections – 3,5,6,10,11
:-Prevention of cruelty to animals ( PCA )  act 1960 section 11,38
:-Section 56 A B C of transport of animals 1978,
125E central motor vehicle act
:- IPC 429 if any cattle injured or died.

Government should provide security to those threatened by the mafia and enforce law on these mafia elements who openly are destroying the ganga jamuna tehzeeb of this beautiful and culturally rich city, who are polluting it’s soil by dumping waste and blood from illegal slaughter into open drains, spreading disease and killing people and also hurting the religious sentiments of millions of Hindus and Muslims.

Supreme Court Lawyer Advocate Shiraz Qureshi and Persian Scholar Imran Chaudhary had visited the rescued animals at the animal shelter and expressed anguish at the activities of mafia here.

Evidence :
The Police Stations where the cattle have been received from are Rajender Nagar, Shamshabad, Choutu Uppal, Ghatkesar, Bibinagar and Vanashtalipuram”, says Harish. Please find below the cattle received by Dhyan Foundation gaushala in these three months.
Dhyan Foundation comes to rescue of these innocent lives and rehabilitates them in their gaushala

Date PS FIR Cattle count
Mar-05 Ghatkesar 223 / 2023 24 Oxen
Mar-05 Ghatkesar 224 / 2023 17 Oxen
Mar-05 Ghatkesar 225 / 2023 22 Oxens
Mar-05 Ghatkesar 222 / 2023 28
Mar-05 Abdullahpurmet 146/2023 89
Mar-11 Bhongir 73 2023 4
Mar-14 RGIA 55
Mar-14 Shamshabad
Mar-28 Bhongir 12
Mar-29 kadthal 42/2023 60
Mar-28 Bibinagar 14
Mar-28 Shamirpet
Mar-31 Kottur 79 cattle ( 35 bulls and 44 cows )

Date PS FIR Cattle count
Apr-08 Thondapalli
Shamshabad RGIA 192/2023 8
Apr-16 Bibinagar 22
Apr-04 Pahadishareef 202/2023 5
Apr-20 Rajender nagar
Apr-19 Yadgirigutta

Date PS FIR Cattle count
May-26 Shamshabad Old 23 Bulls 23 Bulls
May-20 Abdullahpurmet 6 Bulls
May-20 Vanasthalipuram
May-15 Kothur 80
May-11 Ghatkesar
May-10 Chotuppal 13 13

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