Telugu super news,Hyderabad15th July 2023: Cafe555, known for it’s most loved haleem, is now introducing the High Quality Dum Biryani in two variants- HQ Dum Naatu Kodi Biryani and HQ Dum Nalli Gosh Biriyani.

Curated with utmost thought and craftmanship, this biryani is made with the highest grade and the costliest rice, Irani saffron worth 1.7 lakhs/kg, 100% organicDesiChicken (Country Chicken or Asli Desi Murghi) andpure mutton meat with otheringredients that have been imported from countries that provide nothing but the best.

It also includes authentic Kashmiri Mirch, 8mm Elaichi, Kohir Ginger, 100% organicallyderived curd along with several other uber premium secret ingredients.

In the grand launch event that took place at CAFE555 on 15th of July 2023 the chef demonstrated the making of the HQ Biryani DUM NAATU KODI BIRYANI & HQ DUM NALLI GOSH BIRYANI.

The dairy products that are used in the marination of this one of a kind version of the infamous Hyderabadi Biryani, are gathered exclusively from 100% organic resources, that has the strictest standards for quality and taste.

The most premium spice, saffron, that is added to get the authentic Mughlai aroma and essence of Biryani is directly imported from Iran. This saffron is not only the finest in taste and quality but also is a luxury in itself.

Highest quality meat is sourced from the top most poultry farm. Spices like elaichi, Kohir ginger and masalas are of topnotch quality and exclusively handpicked.

This sumptuous feast of Biryani is a getaway to the world of luxury it is lavishly prepared with the finesse of Mughalai delicacy. Cafe555 also offers Handi for Gatherings. The Handi starts from 30Member to 500 Member (Orders should be given 2 Days Before).

Ever bite of this Biryani will transport you to the seventh cloud. Loved throughout the globe, this Biryani has a quality upgrade you can’t miss. Varieties of HQ Biryani- Desi Biryani(Dum Naatu Kodi-) and Dum Nalli Gosh newly introduces dishes at CAFE555.

• Murgh Malai Biryani (Non Spicy)
• Irani Biryani
• Dum Nalli Gosh Biryani
• Murgh Tikka Biryani(16 pieces- Spicy)
• Mugh Biryani(16 pieces- Non Spicy)
• Handi Biryani (Veg with veg Manchuria and Mutton)
• Double Paneer Full Biryani
• Double Prawns Full Biryani
• Double Fish Full Biryani

Available Packs
• Couple Pack
• Get together Biryani- 6 Pieces
• Family pack- ½ Bird
• Jumbo- Full Bird.

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