Water Matters: 5 Ways to Reduce Water Wastage at Home

Water Matters

Telugu Super News,Hyderabad,March 23,2023:Imagine a world wherein our access to water is regulated. Parched throats, dead plants and barren lands prevail with dried up seas and natural reservoirs. Isn’t it a scary thought? The recklessness portrayed by mankind may just lead us to this day, if not today then many years later. For the sake our planet’s wellbeing and our future generations, water conservation has become a necessity and the World Water Day celebrated on 22nd March every year, is a gentle reminder to relook our ways of water consumption.

According to the IS Code, per day, per head water consumption in India is marker at 135 litres which means every Indian, taking small steps towards relooking their consumptions will make a large difference to the overall ecosphere. The cliche it all begins at home, holds tremendous value in the present age and we have compiled a few tips and must do-s for your home this year to become water positive.

Choose low flow showerheads

Long hot showers if cut down, can save water and electricity but for even greater efficiency switch to the right shower head. Low-flow shower heads can decrease water consumption by 40% or more. This implies that even if you spend the same amount of time in the shower, you can conserve water. These showers not only conserve water, but also cut down on your monthly water bill, providing significant end-of-year savings.

Clean your dishes efficiently

Most Indian homes follow the age-old technique of manually cleaning dishes. While this is a common practice and we may observe care, the water waster still remains higher when compared to the use of a Dishwasher. One of the most underrated home appliances, dishwashers not only save time but also can play an integral role in saving water. For instance, Bosch dishwashers with their in-built with German technology that saves up to 18,250* litres of water per year as compared to handwashing utensils. For a better tomorrow, a dishwasher is the most environmentally friendly choice one can have.

Use front-loading machines for your laundry

The best thing about front-loading washing machines is that they consume 70% less water than top-loading machines do. Front loading machines like Siemens are engineered to be efficient with water and cleanliness without causing wastage, they are designed to have larger capacities, which only use 13 gallons of water or less to wash an 8-pound load.

Water Matters

Switch to RO water purifiers

RO water purifiers not only give us clean water to drink, but they also get rid of various impurities at various stages. An RO purifier consumes less than 10% of the water from your overhead common water tank. For metros and most towns, this can be tremendously beneficial. The main purpose of these purifiers is to filter drinking water sans wastage. Several domestic activities can be carried out with the rejected non-drinking water. To avoid water wastage, you can select apurifier that uses ‘Zero Water Wastage ‘Technology which ensures that rejected water is recycled back to the overhead tank.

Pay attention to everyday details

We all have certain responsibilities towards mother nature and conservation of the natural resources, we are in the thick of global warming and water bodies getting impacted is a sign of our wrongdoing. Our bodies and our planet are largely made of water, it is also the primary element that helps us absorb nutrients and maintain normal function is water. We can assist in saving nature by carefully consuming this ingredient, while most of us are aware, one can never forget the basics – Maintain leak-free toilets, take brief showers, turn off the taps while shaving or brushing your teeth, and keep jugs in hand to pour water into guests’ glasses rather than giving them filled ones. Small steps lead to great strides after all!

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