Vi Postpaid Customers can now Pre-Book International Roaming Packs andGet a Complimentary Delayed and Lost Baggage Cover Worth Rs. 19,800/Bag

Telugu super news,February 28th,2024:In the post Covidera, Indians have emerged as big globetrotters. This surge in travel, though positive, is accompanied with growing concerns for lost and mishandled baggage. Infact, a report by SITA the world’s leading specialist in airport transport communication and IT, found that over 26 million pieces of luggage were delayed, lost, or damaged in 2022.

How it works?

  • Book Vi international roaming pack in advance by 21st March 2024 for a travel date before 7th April, 2024 and get free Blue Ribbon Bags service for your trip.
  • Eligible on roaming packs 10 Days @ Rs.3999, 14 Days @ Rs.4999 and 30 Days @ Rs.5999
  • Register with Blue ribbon bags before taking your flight.
  • Check-in your bags at the airport
  • If your bags are delayed or lost by the airline, file a report with the airline and Blue Ribbon Bags within 24 hours of landing.
  • Blue Ribbon Bags will track and expedite the return of your bags using their global network and technology.

Today, effective baggage management has become a crucial focus area to enhance the overall travel experience. As many are looking to devise solutions to prioritise safety of travellers baggage, Vi, a leading telecom operator,has become the first in its industry to partner with Blue Ribbon Bags, a US based lost baggage concierge service company, to offer a worry-free travel experience for Vi Postpaidinternational travellers.

ViPostpaid users can pre-book an International Roaming (IR) Pack for travel planned before April 7, 2024 and avail of complimentary cover towards delayed or lost baggage. This service offers a compensation of Rs. 19,800 per bag in case the luggage is delayed or not found beyond 96 hours following a submission of the complaint.This exclusive offer is valid for a limited period on select unlimited international roaming plans namely 10 days @3999, 14 days @4999, and 30-days @5999 starting February 26, 2024, until March 21, 2024.

This partnership represents a significant step towards fulfilling the needs of modern travellers, offering them peace of mind and assurance during their international journeys. As Vi continues to prioritize customer-centric innovation, baggage protection services is yet another addition to our add on services and reinforces Vi’s commitment to delivering unmatched value and convenience to its customers.

In addition to this, Vipostpaidusers can truly enjoy other benefits of Vi’s international roaming plans such as unlimited data and calls across 29 Countries, unlimited incoming calls in 100+ countries and 24/7 Live agent customer support via WhatsApp. To avail this service, click here:

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