upGrad learner Padma Priya switched careers to Digital Marketing after 7 years in Pharma

Telugu super news,March 12th,2024:Padma Priya, a spirited professional with a background in Pharmacology, has proven that change is not only possible but can be immensely rewarding. Padma’s inspiring journey showcases the transformative power of determination and a commitment to continuous learning.

Beginning her career in the pharmaceutical industry, Padma served as an Assistant Professor at Gokaraju Rangaraju College of Pharmacy, conducting crucial clinical research in labs. However, her inner drive for better opportunities and creativity grew stronger, encouraging her to take the boldest decision she ever made!

“Starting this amazing journey, I found myself at a crossroads of change and chances. I used to work in Pharmacology, spending my days doing research in labs and teaching. But I felt like my interests had grown beyond what I was doing. The big change happened when I decided to step into the world of digital marketing with the help of upGrad. With determination and a strong desire to learn, I signed up for the Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing by MICA, and the decision marked the start of a whole new chapter for me. I realised that it’s never too late to reinvent oneself and with the right guidance and a commitment to continuous learning, anyone can navigate through career shifts successfully,” added Priya while commenting on her motivation to switch gears.

After dedicating nearly seven years to the field of pharmacology, she courageously embarked on a career shift, propelled by MICA’s Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing, powered by upGrad. This pivotal course served as her gateway to a new professional trajectory, where she quickly established herself as an invaluable asset within the dynamic team at Futuristic Labs. Today, she thrives in her role as a Digital Marketing Executive, seamlessly blending her pharmaceutical expertise with innovative digital strategies to drive impactful results.

Padma’s story serves as a poignant reminder that determination and acquiring the right skills can open doors to new and exciting opportunities, one should have the courage to take the risk.  Padma’s journey lights the way for individuals contemplating a career change, proving that with the right mind-set, one can navigate towards a fulfilling professional trajectory.

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