UGC chairman releases ‘Environmental Studies: From Crisis to Cure’ published by Oxford University Press; reinforces importance of environment education

Telugu super news, New Delhi, 2 Nov 2023: Highlighting the growing urgency of environmental concerns, University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman Dr M. Jagadesh Kumar unveiled the latest edition of the book ‘Environmental Studies: From Crisis to Cure’, published by Oxford University Press India. Authored by Prof. R. Rajagopalan, a former professor at IIT Madras, the book is a bestseller and is widely regarded as a fundamental resource for environmental studies.

The book, currently in its fourth edition, fully covers the UGC Guidelines and Curriculum Framework for Environment Education 2023, developed under the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and seeks to reshape how students discern and engage with the environment.

At the book launch event in Delhi, Dr Kumar reaffirmed the UGC’s commitment to addressing the mounting urgency of environmental concerns, underlining the pressing need for immediate
attention and concerted collaborative efforts. He highlighted the UGC’s proactive initiative to
seamlessly integrate environmental education and sustainable practices into higher education
curricula across the nation.

Dr Kumar underscored the importance of empowering the younger generation, urging them to assume the mantle of environmental stewardship with responsibility and dedication. The book, meticulously aligned with the course objectives, serves as a catalyst, nurturing not only environmental awareness but also fostering a heightened sensitivity toward conservation
and sustainable development practices among the readers.

The book focuses on climate change as the most significant challenge of our times. It also includes new content on topics such as climate adaptation, circular economy, disaster management, and the government’s ‘Lifestyle for the Environment (LIFE) Movement,’ which aims to promote environmental awareness.

Sumanta Datta, Managing Director, Oxford University Press India, expressed, “At Oxford University Press, we are committed to raising awareness about social and environmental issues among learners and researchers worldwide. We aim to harness the power of publishing to educate future generations, promote critical thinking and informed decision-making, and drive positive, long-lasting change.

Reiterating the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s mission of Lifestyle for Environment (LIFE), the book
serves as a gentle nudge for individual and collective action to protect and preserve the
environment.” Sumanta added, “As a publisher, we are focusing on reducing the impacts of our manufacturing supply chain—including papermaking, printing, and freight—as well as minimizing the environmental footprint of digital publishing.”

On the sidelines of the book launch, a panel discussion titled ‘Environmental Education and
Humanity’s Ethical Stewardship’ was organized. The discussion centred on the crucial role that
environmental education plays in shaping humanity’s moral perspective regarding the prudent use of our planet’s resources. The panelists included notable figures such as Nitin Sethi, Journalist & Founding Member of The Reporters’ Collective; Dipankar Saharia, Senior Director at The Energy Research Institute; and Vimlendu Jha, one of India’s leading Environmentalists. The discussion was moderated by Urmi Goswami, Assistant Editor at the Economic Times.

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