Uber partners with Goonj to distribute woolens, essentials to the less privileged

Uber partners

Telugu super news,Hyderabad, December 22, 2022: Uber today rolled out its campaign – ‘Spread Warmth with Uber Connect’, by inviting people to contribute woolens and other essential items to help the needy this winter. Uber will provide free pick-ups and drops for these giveaways in Hyderabad between Dec 22 and Dec 24, and on Dec 26, from 10AM to 5PM. The ridesharing company has partnered with award-winning NGO Goonj for this campaign. 

A new delivery option, ‘Connect Giving’, has been created specially for the campaign through which people can make vital contributions for the underprivileged with a few taps on the Uber app. Uber will provide logistics support by offering free Uber Connect rides for delivering woolens, toys and stationery items for children to the NGO’s Hyderabad office. Goonj will then add these items to its ‘Winter Kits’, carefully prepared for families struggling during the winters.

Uber is committed to supporting communities it serves in, and urges residents of Hyderabad to generously support the initiative which makes giving and sharing as easy as a few clicks on the app.

Speaking about Uber’s campaign, Prabhjeet Singh, President, Uber India, and South Asia, said, We have always strived to support our communities in the cities we serve, as we did recently for the vaccination drive during the pandemic. The winter in many parts of the country is harsh and many have no choice but to experience this bitter cold with a lot of suffering. Through our campaign we want to encourage and support people who wish to extend help by making it easy to share the warmth with those who are vulnerable.’’

Speaking about the partnership, Anshu Gupta, Founder Director, Goonj, said, ““For many years now Goonj has been highlighting winters as a struggle for people, in the absence of adequate clothing. This is an easily solvable problem with our surplus clothing and woolens. We hope more people and organisations partner on preventing this annual suffering of people. Instead of charity, Goonj uses these cloth contributions to bring dignity to people who receive them as they work for their own communities. That’s how our clothes bring warmth and dignity to people.”

Help Spread Warmth this winter in 3 easy steps:  

Uber partners
  • Download the app – Get the free Uber app from the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone and open the app to create your account.
  • Click on Package Icon in your Uber app and enter destination as Goonj, Suncity, Hyderabad]  and select ‘Uber Connect Giving’ 
  • Request a delivery. The ride will be free of cost, up to Rs 250, and limited to one trip per rider

The drop location for essential items remains Goonj Hyderabad Office

Respecting the dignity of individual beneficiaries, Uber has requested its customers to give items that are in good and usable condition. 

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