Transforming Lives Through Innovation: ImpactGuru’s ‘Kal Ki Asha’ Campaign Lights the Way with KalArm, India’s First Bionic Hand

Telugu super news,Hyderabad,november 1st,2023:Impact Guru, India’s leading integrated healthcare financing platform, is glad to announce the immense success of the campaign, “Kal Ki Asha”. Aimed at empowering lives with hope by bridging the gap between dreams and the means to achieve them, this unique initiative is a testament to Impact Guru’s commitment towards driving social change.

“Kal Ki Asha is not just a campaign name, it’s the embodiment of a beacon of possibility, veiling struggles under the cloak of resilience and determination. With each heartbeat, we vow to transform lives, to rewrite destinies, and to invest in a brighter, more promising tomorrow” stated Mr. Piyush Jain, Co-founder and CEO, Impact Guru.

As India’s first bionic hand, KalArm stands as a symbol of affordability and innovation, propelling forward the vision of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, in whose honour it is named. “KalArm is more than just a bionic hand, it’s a tribute to the power of dreams and a bridge that connects yesterday’s limitations to tomorrow’s limitless potential” Jain added.

Victories of the campaign—such as those experienced by Gundra Vamshi Krishna, Mantena Ramakrishna Raju Varma, and Sai Krishna—demonstrate the difference that Kal Ki Asha has made. Coming from a farming family in Telangana, these beneficiaries raised INR 435,050/- each via the campaign, a testament to Impact Guru’s potential to change lives.

“The impact of this campaign transcends individual lives; it reaches families, communities, and the very fabric of our nation, with initiatives like ‘Kal Ki Asha’ and the introduction of KalArm, we have the chance to redefine limitations, reshape the narrative of disability, and honour the spirit of a great visionary, and above all, serve as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit” Piyush Jain concluded.

Apart from its innovative initiatives, Impact Guru also serves as a springboard for those requiring financial assistance with several medical conditions and rare diseases. With an impact on over 200,000 lakh lives, raising funds through a strong 30 lakh donor community, and aiding a wide range of causes, it has served as a lifeline for many across the country.

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