TK Elevator launches ‘enta villa’, a luxury compact elevator set to redefine home elevators in India

Telugu super news, December 21st,2023:TK Elevator, a forward-facing global leader in the elevator industry, has announced the launch of their new home elevator concept, ‘enta villa’. enta villa is specifically designed for multi-floor houses and villas in the company’s homebase of India, where the demand for luxury housing and lifestyle products is growing apace.

Harnessing German precision engineering, the elevator seamlessly integrates the latest technological advances with an efficient compact design and
refined aesthetics to deliver a blend of safety, comfort and high style.

This latest offering from TK Elevator comes as the Indian economy continues to outpace other
key markets, creating a growing middle class with strong luxury lifestyle aspirations. As high-
end villas spring up across India’s major cities, developers must meet the exacting standards of
buyers in terms of quality, comfort and aesthetics. enta villa’s unique features make it the ideal
home elevator solution for this expanding market.

enta villa’s space-saving design minimizes the pit-depth requirement and footprint of home
elevators, and it can be efficiently powered by a standard domestic single-phase electricity
supply. As always, safety is a priority, and in the event of a power outage, the elevator’s
Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) will swiftly guide it to the nearest floor, allowing the prompt
release of any passengers.

Specifications for enta villa include the ability to traverse 6 floors up to a maximum travel height of 18 metres, a rated load of 320-400 kgs, a speed of up to 0.4 m/s, and a single-phase power supply of AC 220 V. With a diminutive 6 cm pit requirement, enta villa’s Vastu-compliant design means no digging is required and the elevator entrance can be seamlessly aligned with the home floor for enhanced accessibility.

enta villa guarantees a quiet and smooth travel experience within the residence, incorporating
features such as counterweights, robust guide rails, and noise-reducing rollers similar to those
employed in commercial elevators.

Its cutting-edge, oil-free operations not only boost efficiency but also maintain a pristine home environment by avoiding the grease and dirt traps associated with traditional lubrication methods. In essence, the product bears testament to TK Elevator’s unwavering dedication to elevating residential living standards.

“With the launch of enta villa, TK Elevator is setting a new benchmark in home elevator
technology. Our commitment to innovation, safety, and sustainability is embodied in this
remarkable product, designed to seamlessly integrate into modern living spaces. Beyond

offering users a luxurious and visually superior elevator experience, enta villa complements and
enhances the overall tone of one’s home,” said Manish Mehan, CEO and MD of TK Elevator

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