The Roadster Life Co’s latest brand campaign, ‘Trends with Benefits’, featuring its new brand ambassadors, Bollywood diva Jacqueline Fernandez and stand-up comedian Zakir Khan, emphasises its trend-first offerings

Telugu super news,India,March 9th,2024: The Roadster Life Co, the 11-year-old and one of the most-loved, and sought-after brands available on Myntra, has launched its new brand campaign, ‘trends with benefits’. The campaign features the brand’s new ambassadors, ace stand-up comedian, Zakir Khan, and Bollywood diva, Jacqueline Fernandez, and highlights its trend-first fashion offerings.

Renowned for its denim heritage, The Roadster Life Co has evolved into a brand synonymous with exploration, adventure, and daring pursuits. As a brand with a celebrated legacy and loyal customer base, it’s now poised to elevate its offerings to meet the increasingly trend-first demands of fashion-forward consumers in both metro, as well as tier 2 and tier 3 markets, thus connecting with the evolving needs of its existing and new customers. Introducing three key concepts – Neo Core, Road Trip Ready, and UtilityxStreet – The Roadster Life Co will bring a monthly dose of trendy selection to Myntra’s platform. These styles will span across key categories including men’s casual wear, women’s western wear, casual footwear, and accessories, curated for both everyday moments and special occasions, enabling shoppers to stay on top of the fashion game. ‘Trends with Benefits’ encapsulates the brand’s commitment to providing affordable access to the latest trendy fashion from the brand at an affordable price. The promise extends beyond mere style, and includes ‘benefits’ of empowering individuals to elevate their fashion quotient, boost confidence, and help them unleash their limitless potential.

The choice of stand-up comedian Zakir Khan and Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez as brand ambassadors brings a unique blend of relatability and fashion credibility to the brand and aligns with its latest positioning. As his first fashion brand endorsement, Zakir offers relatability, as someone who has made it big from humble beginnings. He is able to connect with fans across the country, enjoying massive clout on social media and a strong fan base. Known for her glamorous and stylish fashion, Jacqueline adds an authority of fashion to the brand. As the first woman brand ambassador

for The Roadster Life Co, she embodies the perfect fit for the brand, synonymous with her fashion choices – trendy yet comfortable, stylish yet practical. With this, The Roadster Life Co aims to tap into both of their wide fan base while playing an instrumental role in making trendy and branded fashion accessible to them.

The two brand films along with multiple 10-15-seconders featuring Zakir and Jacqueline drive home the message of the brand injecting confidence and charisma into an individual’s persona through trend-first fashion, while highlighting the latest affordable trendy fashion for everyday and special occasions across men’s casual wear & women’s western wear at an affordable pricing.

About the ad film – The ad films featuring Zakir Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez take a thematic storytelling route, placing trend-first fashion at its core. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Dubai’s iconic landmark, Burj Khalifa, the opening frame captures Zakir and Jacqueline, surrounded by their respective friends, exuding style and enjoying the moment. A humorous twist unfolds at the exit – a luxurious car unexpectedly appears near Zakir. The valet mistakenly assumes Zakir to own this luxury car and extends the vehicle key to him, which Zakir initially declines. However, as Jacqueline approaches towards him, Zakir accepts the car keys and offers her a ride. More impressed by Zakir’s fashion appearance than the car itself, Jacqueline compliments him on his jacket. The scene transitions to both of them driving off in the car.

The scene then actually transitions into Zakir’s dream, abruptly ended by a doorbell, revealing him dressed identically to his dream self. He opens the door and finds Jacqueline, irked by Zakir parking his vehicle in her parking space. However, her mood shifts as she notices Zakir’s impeccable fashion, who is clad in a trendy grey-coloured jacket paired with blue denims from The Roadster Life Co. Her radiant smile conveys approval, signaling her readiness to forgive the inconvenience. Through this engaging narrative, the ad film positions The Roadster Life Co as the game-changer in their lives, offering trend-first styles that commands attention and admiration.

Link to the ad film –

The Roadster Life Co is implementing a 360-degree approach to build deeper resonance with its audience, across the nation, who will get to see the films on OOH and social platforms.

Speaking on the association, Jacqueline Fernanadez, said, “Super stoked to be associated with The Roadster Life Co and to serve as the brand’s first woman ambassador. With a personal preference for stylish yet comfortable fashion, The Roadster Life Co aligns perfectly with my fashion taste. As a brand with a thriving and loyal customer base, I am eager to extend its reach by making more trends accessible to my fans. Looking forward to this exciting journey.”

Speaking on the association, Zakir Khan, said, “This collaboration holds special significance for me. It’s more than just endorsing a brand; it’s a partnership that resonates with my personal journey. In terms of my fashion preferences, I’ve always sought comfort in my style, and with The Roadster Life Co, I find exactly that – blend of trendiness, comfort, and quality. In every piece of The Roadster Life Co, I find a reflection of my story, and that, to me, is the true essence of this remarkable association.”

The Roadster Life Co is one of the fastest growing fashion wear brands on Myntra, with one of the biggest assortment of 30k+ styles across men’s and women’s wear on the Myntra platform and a customer base of 20+ million.

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