Telangana girls Dharani Laveti & Crew Vadla Mallesh and Deekshita Komaravelly topped the girl’s fleet

Telugu super news,hyderabad,july 19th,2023: At the end of the second day of the 14th Monsoon Regatta, the local Telangana girls Dharani Laveti & Crew Vadla Mallesh and Deekshita Komaravelly topped the girl’s fleet. Deekshita also gave the boys a run for their money with some exemplary finishes.

In the under-15 class, Deekshita Komaravelly of Telangana and a sailor from The Yacht Club of Hyderabad sailed to top the girl’s leaderboard vanquishing the others to way below her and also finishing at 3rd position in the open with just two boys ahead of her.

Deekshita is headed for Gold as the next girl Shagun Jha  is a full 35 points behind her 

Local Telangana pair and top seeds Dharani and Mallesh turned the tables on yesterday’s winners Naincy and Aniraj with three straight convincing wins in medium wind conditions while the heavens were dripping across the lake.

In the 1st race of the morning, Dharani has a bad start but even out after 2 legs and sailed past Naincy during the last downwind leg to clinch a win. In the next two races, the Dharani and Mallesh seemed invincible from start to finish and it puts them at the top of the leaderboard with a 2-point lead which is ahead but far from comfortable given that there are 6 more races to go.

The under-15 boys in the Optimist Class were ruled once again by Ekalavya Batham of Madhya Pradesh followed closely by Sharanya Yadav and Ajay Gajji of Goa both sailors from INS Mandovi a Naval Boy Sports School.

Ekalavya is headed to win both the  Monsoon Regatta Trophy and he may win the coveted Shri SH Babu Memorial Trophy for the second time in a row. At 15 this is his last year in the under 15 Optimist Class. Aakash Tangai has moved into 3rd position ahead of Ruben while Sharanya Yadav is a comfortable second on the board.

The Green Fleet and Light Fleet took to racing in the afternoon and the Team Racing starts tomorrow. 

Leaderboard at the end of Day 2 Monsoon Regatta 2023

Under 15 Optimist Class Girls 

  1. Deekshita Komaravelly  Telangana/YCH                  28 Points
  2. Shagun Jha                    Madhya Pradesh/NSS       63 Points
  3. Shreya Krishna              Tamilnadu/TNSA                 74 Points

Under 19 International 420 Class 

  1. Dharani Laveti and Mallesh   & Vadla Mallesh    YCH/ NBSC Telangana/Goa        9 Points
  2. Nancy Rai & Aniraj Sendhav                               Madhya Pradesh/NSS               11 Points
  3. Vidyanshi Mishra & Manish Sharma                   Madhya Pradesh /NSS               21 Points

Under 15 Optimist Class Boys 

  1. Eklavya Batham       Madhya Pradesh/NSS  9 Points
  2. Sharanya Yadav       NBSC Goa                  18 Points
  3. Aakash Tangai          Mysore/Trishna           41 Points

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