Telangana Forest Department and Gland Pharma Host ‘International Tiger Day’ Celebrations at Hyderabad’s KBR National Park

Telugu super news,Hyderabad, August 1st, 2023: Over 500 school students participated in an awareness event on tiger conservation on the occasion of ‘International Tiger Day’ at Hyderabad’s KBR National Park on Monday. The event sponsored, by the Telangana Forest Department and renowned injectables manufacturer Gland Pharma, was organised in association with Hyderabad Tiger Conservation Society (HyTiCoS) and WCS India. Celebrated every year since 2010, ‘International Tiger Day’ is celebrated around the world on July 29, to bolster public awareness and commitment towards tiger conservation. 

The students, who had assembled from around 15 schools, participated in various interesting activities like camera-trap selfies, poster presentations, conservation-based games (Bingo, Housie), Occupancy Game, Snakes & Ladders (based on the tiger and the threats it faces), etc. They were also made aware of the various initiatives taken up by Telangana’s Kawal and Amrabad Tiger Reserves – which together host about 30 tigers – to mitigate challenges posed by loss of prey base, shrinking habitat, and pressure from developmental projects. Various conservation efforts taken by Gland Pharma and HyTiCoS including afforestation, bio-fencing, restoration of land, etc., were also explained to the students.

 Speaking about the event, Capt K Raghuraman (Retd), Managing Trustee of Gland Pharma’s CSR Foundation, said, “For optimum success of tiger conservation projects, it is crucial to bring on board the communities living near Tiger Reserves and protected forests. Minimising the impact of man-animal conflict, making the communities important stakeholders, and spreading awareness about conservation in young minds through such events will greatly help the cause of wildlife conservation.”

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