Teacher’s Day Special: College Romance 3 cast talk about their favorite teachers


The word ”teacher” traces its roots back to the Proto-Germanic word *taikijan, which meant ”to show”. And it is exactly what teachers are for ‘to show you your own ability, to do things on your own.’ We all should be thankful to our teachers who showed us the correct direction, helped us identify our capabilities, rectify our mistakes, and much more. SonyLIV’s College Romance S3 which will be streaming soon represents all the bitter-sweet memories of college days.

On this Teacher’s Day, the cast of the show spoke about their favorite teacher and the fun incidents with the teacher which is still fresh in their minds. Apoorva Arora, who plays a confident and bubbly Naira spoke about her favorite teacher from her school. She said, “One of my class teachers, Mrs. Rachna Saxena, has always tried to make sure that her students balance their mental well-being along with their studies. I think that she’s a very good judge of character and I’ve learned to give chances to people in life because of her.”

Gagan Arora, who plays Bagga elaborates on his cool teacher, he added, “We use to have a Hindi teacher named Bindal sir and he used to love Shayari. He used to love chilling with the students, and if it started raining, he would suddenly ask the students to bring pakode and chai and talk about random stuff. Just to get out of some assignment I would read some Shayari’s to him, and he used to get all happy just by listening to it.”

Adding further, Eklavey Kashyap said, “In my drama school, we had a professor called Mark Stefans who use to come to the school on a bicycle and he had a very cool long and curly hairstyle. He was the best professor I have ever worked with. Not only he guided us in acting but also, he was a great observer. He used to see through our not so great acts and that’s an art.”

Created by The Viral Fever and produced by Arunabh Kumar, College Romance Season 3 is directed by Parijat Joshi. The show is written by Ashutosh Chaturvedi and Pankaj Mavchi featuring Gagan Arora, Apoorva Arora, Keshav Sadhna, Shreya Mehta, Nupur Nagpal, Jahnvi Rawat, and Eklavey Kashyap in pivot roles.

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