What has kept Raj Tharun pondering off late?

Telugu Super news Hyederabad,October 31,2022:In his recent post Uyyala Jampala actor Raj Tharun has poured his heart out and has shared that how in his childhood he was never comfortable with talking to girls and used to get daunted by them. He maintains that ‘Love’ isn’t his cup of tea and how he always was depending on his parents to set him up with a girl for marriage.

Raj further stated that when he finally met the girl of his dreams and that everything seemed to be falling in place till the time the priest at the alter asked to get the bride and how he was stood up by her! In an extremely emotional post Raj recalls that terrible day, when he became nothing short of a ‘joke’ by everyone present at the wedding including his own relatives who started passing sarcastic comments on him “All my relatives started passing sarcastic comments, How many times you want to kill a dead snake? Waste fellowss!!!” Truly, getting left at the altar can be devastating.
His post has left his fans in a frenzy as most of them are dreading the reason why Raj has posted something like this. That’s not all! Raj has gained huge support from the industry and fans alike after his post went live who have been commenting and offering emotional support to him. The question is why was there a need for Raj to talk about something like this? Was there something brewing that we don’t know off? Only time will tell. 

For now there is absolute silence from his end after this post, however, he would be posting the picture of the girl on his social media soon. Raj Tarun is an Indian film actor known for his works in Telugu cinema. He made his debut in Tollywood with the movie Uyyala Jampala that also featured Avika Gor. He is popular for his roles in short films and has acted in more than 52 short films. Raj has always chased the dream of becoming a director and has also worked on the screenplay and dialogues for his first film Uyyala Jampala.