Electrolux unveils its UltimateCare range
of Washing Machines & Dryers in India

Electrolux unveils its UltimateCare range of Washing Machines & Dryers in India

Electrolux, a leading global appliance company that has shaped living for
the better for more than 100 years, today announced the launch of their new range of
fully automatic front load washing machines and dryers in India. The UltimateCare 300
and UltimateCare 500 series are equipped with innovative features such as UltraMix,
HygienicCare, Woolmark Blue Certification, Reverse Tumbling, SmartSensors,
ColourCare, and more for an effortless laundry experience, while offering gentler care
for clothes right from wash to dry cycles.
Electrolux aims to encourage consumers to break the pattern of discarding clothes
before necessary, by taking better care of their clothing with Electrolux’s care
technologies. These care solutions are designed to keep favorite clothes looking vibrant
for longer and make them last twice as long, with half the environmental impact.
The intuitive features are based on usability and simplicity and are in line with
Electrolux’s vision of contributing to a more environmentally sustainable society.

range consists of-
 UltimateCare 300
o 7.5 Kg, 8 Kg and 9 Kg front load washing machines
o 5 Kg and 8 Kg washer dryer models,
 UltimateCare 300
o 7.5 Kg, and 8.5 Kg venting dryers
 UltimateCare 500
o 8 Kg and 9 Kg front load washing machines
o 6 Kg and 9 Kg washer and dryer models respectively

The UltimateCare range of washing machines ensures the best-in-class care for
precious woolen clothes with a dedicated wool cycle which combines low temperature
with very low spin speeds and is certified by Woolmark to be as gentle on woolens as
hand washing. The range is also one of Electrolux’s most energy-efficient washing
machines due to its EcoInverter motor which reduces vibration to deliver quieter and
more reliable performance with up to 50% lower energy consumption.
Sudhir Patil, Commercial Director, Electrolux India said, “We are delighted to introduce
our new range of best in class washing machines that are equipped with thoughtfully
designed features to cater to the unique needs of the modern Indian household. The
UltimateCare range of washing machines and dryers aim to offer a complete fabric care
solution and we are confident that the insightful features and elegant Scandinavian
design will appeal to consumers.”

Electrolux unveils its UltimateCare range of Washing Machines & Dryers in India

Key Features
To address a significant consumer pain point, UltraMix technology ensures that
detergents and softeners are thoroughly dissolved and activated before it enters the
drum. Resulting in shorter cycle times, gentler fabric care and preventing detergent
The HygienicCare option finishes the wash cycle with a soft spray of vapour to remove
up to 99.9% of allergens and germs. HygienicCare produces vapour at just 40ºC, so it is
gentler on your fabrics, whilst also saving energy.
Woolmark Blue
With low temperatures and extremely slow spin rates, the special wool cycle is as gentle
on woolens as hand washing, according to Woolmark certification. You can wash your
most precious woolen garments, even when the label says “hand-wash only”.
EcoInverter Motor
When compared to conventional models, the Eco Inverter motor uses up to 50% less
energy* while still providing quiet, reliable performance.
UltimateCare also comes with additional intuitive features such as Fast Flexible Cycle in
which you can choose from a time range which suits your schedule. Example: 15 cycle
delivers an efficient, 15-minute wash suitable for a small amount of clothes or a single
item. It is also equipped with an AddClothes feature that allows users to pause the wash
to add forgotten items. The wash to dry program keeps clothes away from polluted
outdoor air to ensure freshness after drying.
The UltimateCare 300 & 500 range is available across major retail stores and on