The most-anticipated SUV is here: New Seltos pre-bookings open starting 14th July’23

Telugu super news,New Delhi, 13th July 2023:Kia, India’s leading mass premium carmaker, today announced the commencement of bookings for the New Seltos from 14th July 2023. The new Seltos is the most-anticipated SUV in India, unveiled on 4th July’23. Kia also announced high-priority bookings via the ‘K-Code’ program which ensures shorter delivery time to all bookings done with K – code. The K-code can be generated by existing Seltos owners from the Kia India website and ‘MyKia app to upgrade their Seltos or gift their K-code to other prospective customers. Notably, the exclusive K-Code can only be applied to the bookings made through the Kia India website,, and is only applicable on 14th July. Bookings for the new Seltos can also be made at any authorized Kia dealerships in the country starting at 12 am on 14th July ’23.

Kia aims to strengthen its play in the mid-SUV segment with the new Seltos as the outgoing Seltos became Kia’s best-selling product innovation with more than 5 lakh sales in just 4 years. The latest innovation comes with segment-best features – 32 safety features, including Level ADAS (17 features), a dual-pane panoramic sunroof, a stunning design, and the most powerful 160PS engine. Kia has also launched a stylish India-exclusive Pewter Olive colour in the new Seltos range to accentuate the SUV stance. 

Mr. Tae-Jin Park, MD & CEO, Kia India, said, “We are happy to initiate the pre-bookings for the latest avatar of Kia’s most successful brand – The Seltos. We are confident that the new Seltos will carry on the baton of Kia’s growth journey similar to the current Seltos. We acknowledge the invaluable contribution of existing Seltos customers who have earned the special privilege of sharing the K-Code. I am sure they will do their bit to ensure that the legacy of the Seltos lives on.”

Marking Kia’s foray into the Indian market in 2019, the Seltos has emerged as one of the best-selling mid-SUV in the segment y-o-y and has already sold more than 5.3 units.

nasscom along with the industry creates an immersive experience to showcase the power of India’s DPIs


Telugu super news,Kumarakom, March 31, 2023: With the G20 Presidency this year, India has listed out an accelerated and inclusive path towards its progress on achieving Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), particularly health and education, as the key priorities for the upcoming G20 Summit. Invoking the G20 Presidency theme of ‘One Earth One Family One Future’ the second Sherpa meet scheduled to be held in Kumarakom, Kerala from today (30th March) to 2nd April 2023 will deliberate India’s experience and leadership in building an inclusive and effective implementation of DPIs that are crucial to accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, including financial inclusion, and equitable access to education and health. 


With India emerging as a global digital center, its leadership in building inclusive public technologies has not only empowered the nation but also opened a plethora of related businesses and opportunities. The DPI system has become a critical foundation for enabling the meaningful delivery of public and private services and underpinning the achievement of a range of SDGs, including, financial inclusion, economic empowerment, and climate resilience.

Demonstrating the power of India’s Digital Public Infrastructure, nasscom along with the industry will be creating an immersive Digital India Experience zone that will highlight various DPIs built by India such as CoWIN, UPI, DigiLocker and DIKSHA and its impact on the last mile, today. Providing an immersive experience to the Sherpa’s of the G20 member countries and other dignitaries, the experience zones will not only showcase India’s success story in developing a new approach to solving societal and service delivery problems using DPI, while encouraging access to innovation but will also help in creating a cohesive framework, sharing best practices, experiences, and challenges to build similar DPI in G20 members and in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. 

In addition, the experience zones will also showcase the various digitization initiatives, built on the DPIs, in a public-private partnership model, from partner companies such as Microsoft, Google, AWS, TCS, Fractal, and PayTM.

As nations across the world are considering the development of their national digital architecture in accelerating economic progress, today’s unprecedented global crisis highlights the range of interlocking challenges that can only be solved through a societal approach and international cooperation that strengthens digital ecosystems and delivers meaningful impact. India through its G20 Presidency is committed towards accelerating efforts to achieving the targets laid out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, by facilitating greater knowledge-sharing in priority areas like digital public infrastructure, financial inclusion, and tech-enabled development in sectors ranging from agriculture to education and health.

India’s First Multi-Gaming Platform, Googly, Paves The Way for Future Esports Champions With IIT Indore’s Gaming Fest – Glitchpop 2.0.

Googly is India’s first ‘multi-gaming platform’

Telugu Super News,India,March 10th,2023 : Googly, the country’s first multi-gaming platform and one-stop destination for all things gaming, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Glitchpop 2.0 at IIT Indore on March 10th, 11th, and 12th. Glitchpop 2.0 is a hybrid gaming tournament featuring four popular Esports’ game titles – Valorant, Call of Duty Mobile, Clash Royale, and FIFA – and is open to players and teams from across the country who will get a chance to battle it out to win exciting prizes.

As the title sponsor of the event, Googly has come forward to instigate the gaming fever in the campus. The event aims to showcase the latent skills of students who are the future of the gaming sector, providing a gaming arena within the campus for the gamers during the event. With around 5000 registrations made through the Googly website for Glitchpop 2.0, the IIT volunteers are successfully creating buzz all around to drive gaming enthusiasts to showcase their skills.

Googly’s Co-Founder and CEO, Mr. Shubhodip Pal, said, “We are very excited to partner with IIT Indore for Glitchpop 2.0. With an amazing prize pool for all top finishers in the FIFA, Call of Duty Mobile, Valorant and Clash Royale tournaments, this is an opportunity for all gamers to earn, showcase their skills, and discover new interests. To inspire gamers and assist them in recognizing their latent skills, we will be partnering with more such events in colleges and institutions going forward.” He further added, “As India is the youngest country in the world and gaming is its fastest-growing sector, we need to make as many reforms to the gaming ecosystem as possible to ensure its prosperity and elevate it to the next level. This is our first step towards supporting the growth of Esports in India, especially since it was formally recognised as a multi-sport event by the Government of India and the Asian Games where teams from different countries would compete to win medals. Our mission at Googly is to offer a platform that would help our country’s Esports’ players in honing their skills to fulfill their dreams of representing the nation at various medal events.”

As believers in responsible gaming, Googly’s mission is to provide a platform that ensures fair-play and a safe gaming experience for all users of the platform, whether it’s Esports or casual gamers. With cutting-edge technology, Googly provides an unrivalled user experience, democratizing the gaming sector for gamers across the country to have an enhanced yet personalized gaming experience. Googly comes with extremely affordable subscription packages starting from 39 INR per month for casual gamers, and 99 INR per month for all gamers whether its esports or casual. Googly has over 100+ cloud-based games to choose from; No game downloads required, helping a user save real estate on their mobile phone. With over 50 Esports titles to create and participate tournaments for, Googly also aims to contribute to the growing Esports culture in India by ensuring that budding gamers in the country can upskill as pro-gamers and become Esports professionals with its upcoming coaching feature. With its unique friend-finder and matchmaking features, gamers from all over the country can create their distinct gaming communities.

Googly is India’s first ‘multi-gaming platform’

Some of the key features of the platform include community engagement & management, a tournament engine, platform leader boards, an Esports bracket manager, league management for “fair play”, chat forums, a tournament chat function, community moderation, PvP battles, Seasons, E-Store for game vouchers, all available to the gamers under one subscription. The platform can also be accessed on varied devices through its multi-platform functionality. To enhance the gaming experience, Googly also has an app that mirrors the entire functionalities of the platform, and addresses every gamer’s needs even on-the-go. A first of its kind which caters to both Esports and casual gamers.

Currently, Googly is providing a free trial for 30 days to all its members to come experience the platform, including 5000 Googly Reward Points to begin their exciting gaming journey being part of India’s biggest gaming community. To know more about Googly, visit

OBEETEE CARPETS, India’s Premier Luxury Carpet Maker, Launches Their Brand-New Flagship Store in Hyderabad


Telugu Super News,Hyderabad,January 24, 2023 – Keeping their rich legacy of 102 years alive, OBEETEE CARPETS has been weaving brilliance for over a century. A world-renowned leader in the handwoven carpet industry, their new flagship store in the prime location of Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, features the brand’s most exquisite designs. The legendary carpet brand with their latest store has set a new record of providing its
customers with a luxurious experience.

Driven by excellence and quality craftsmanship, the store gives everyone a glimpse of the magnificent
artistry of their rugs through the wide array of collections available at the Hyderabad store. Designed by
Design 21, the store has been planned in accordance with a ‘level to level’ setting with the goal to exude
charm like none other. An interesting characteristic of the store is that it has been planned to provide the
customers with a personalized experience, which showcases their focus on detail and a distinct narrative.

Exploring the interiors, it is truly a fine blend of craft and technology. As we move further into the
paradise of art and design, creativity is reflected through the idiosyncratic furnishings and light fixtures.
The walls of the store are covered with neutral tones against which the colors of the carpet draw the
attention of the customers, making intricacies of the carpet standout. The furniture placed in solid tones
adds the extra comfort to the homeowners and designers who visit to catch a glimpse of the store and
the exquisite rugs displayed in it. The brass patina on the walls reflects the carpet’s life, beautifying
further with age.

Ms. Angelique Dhama, CEO, OBEETEE CARPETS Retail, said, “OBEETEE CARPET’s new flagship store in
Hyderabad is designed to help our customers embark on an unforgettable journey and truly experience all
that the brand stands for. OBEETEE CARPETS with its expansion plan is set to spread the purest artisanal
craftsmanship across cities. After the fantastic response at the Delhi and Mumbai stores, it is only
imperative to spread the beautiful tradition, aesthetic and opulence to other parts of the country.”


The store is multilevel in nature and highlights the intricacy and quality that the carpets represent while
providing a perfect backdrop for OBEETEE CARPET’s rich collection of carpets and their craftsmanship.
OBEETEE CARPETS is not just a carpet brand. Apart from its rich legacy in the carpet industry, it is also
well-known for its finest teas and hospitality. The team gives you a comfortable experience while you sip
their handpicked Makai Bari tea from the client’s estate and explore the colorful carpets. You can shop
from home through their White Glove service and experience the luxury at your doorstep and after-sales
Mark your calendars and plan your visits, this store is one you don’t want to miss!

Three years of McDonald’s India’s ‘EatQual’ initiative 

Three years of McDonald's India's 'EatQual' initiative

Telugu super news,Hyderabad,Decmber 28,2022:In its constant endeavour to drive inclusivity through its marquee EatQual initiative, McDonald’s India – owned and operated by Westlife Foodworld Ltd has launched a new brand film. This third film from the EatQual franchise has a unique take on inclusivity and aims to shine a light on how specially-abled individuals lead normal lives in their own ways proving how we all are different and yet the same.

The film is about a young girl with limited upper limb mobility and it showcases the girl going about her day finishing everyday tasks independently and with ease. She brushes her teeth, gets ready for the day, ties her shoelaces, and so on. She lets nothing stand in her way of living life just like any other individual. Instead, she simply finds unique ways to accomplish everyday tasks. The film ends with her enjoying her favourite McDonald’s burger in the specially created EatQual packaging, as joyfully as her other friends.

Arvind RP, Senior Director – Marketing & Communications, McDonald’s India (West and South) said, “EatQual will always remain the key inclusivity platform of McDonald’s India. With this new brand film, we wanted to emphasize that each individual has their own unique way of living life, irrespective of their special abilities. McDonald’s has always been a feel-good brand wherein we continue to spread happiness and promote inclusivity. With EatQual, we are constantly working towards strengthening our commitment to making McDonald’s India a brand that is truly inclusive.”

Yogendra Shetty, Director General, National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped (NASEOH), India said, “We must recognize that people with upper limb disabilities are more than capable of leading regular lives. However, making life simpler for them is a cause that deserves attention. The EatQual initiative by McDonald’s India puts into sharp focus the kind of thoughtful changes that can be made to help people with disabilities feel included. It’s time for all of us to come together to advance the cause of individuality over disability.”

Three years of McDonald's India's 'EatQual' initiative

McDonald’s India started the journey of EatQual in 2020 to provide an effortless, seamless, and most importantly equal burger-eating experience for all their fans. The EatQual packaging – which is available in-store and on the McDelivery App – has been designed in consultation with experts from NGOs that have been working actively for the specially abled community for over 50 years. Extensive research was conducted among individuals with limited upper arm mobility to understand their plight in eating a burger and that led to the birth of EatQual packaging. 

Over the last three years, McDonald’s has been fostering an inclusive eating experience through the EatQual campaign. The brand continues to reach out to specially-abled individuals through NGOs. In December 2022, the brand engaged with hundreds of specially-abled children from National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped (NASEOH), India and The Association of People with Disability (APD, India) to help them enjoy McDonald’s burgers in the EatQual packaging.

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Get a taste of India’s Favourite Laddu this festive season with Dadu’s

India's Favourite Laddu

Laddus are one of the most delicious sweets and is loved by everyone across generations. Each one of us has a favorite story or memory associated with Laddus from our childhood which is full of innocence and love.  Motichoor laddu finds its place in history and is originally a special recipe from Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh improvised through time. Motichoor laddu, which means crushed pearls in Hindi, is made from fine boondi balls that are small and cooked in ghee. The recipe was invented in North India but has become widely popular throughout India. Even the ancient, as well as medieval texts in the south and eastern regions, gets mention Motichoor laddu in various stories and folk tales.

Dadu’s one of the pioneers in the Indian sweets industry was the first one to bring Motichoor Laddu to the people of Hyderabad. For the longest time, the orange fine Dana laddu, in any mithai store in Hyderabad is recognized as “Dadu’s Laddu”. Dadu’s has always offered the most authentic and traditional sweet delicacies especially considering the sweet tooth of Indians. Dadu’s Motichoor Laddu is unparalleled in its taste, quality, and overall sensory experience.

Motichoor Laddu is a popular dish throughout the country and is most preferred during Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebrations. Laddus became one of the most popular sweets among Indians somewhere along the way and spread happiness, positivity, and sweetness. Dadu’s traditional laddu is a work of art that melts in the mouth, with the finest daana ever found, curated by expert chefs. Dadu’s is known for its unique laddu which is prepared only with the best quality besan and the purest ghee from certified suppliers.   

Dadu’s is also one of the most innovative sweet brands. For the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi, they have traditional Rice Modaks, as well as many other flavourful and colorful Modaks with dry fruits, coconut, and jaggery.

 India's Favourite Laddu

According to Mr. Rajesh Dadu, Owner of Dadu’s said, “In the Indian culture, motichoor laddu is an integral part of every festival. Every Ganesh Chaturthi, Dadu’s sells tonnes of motichoor laddu, from the normal-sized laddus for household poojas to gigantic prasad laddus for Ganesh pandals. We strongly feel that this year, the Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebrations will surpass the pre-covid times and the god’s blessings shower upon the people”

In addition, Ms. Muskaan Dadu said, “Dadu’s Motichoor Laddu is made with the purest of ingredients and makes a delightful choice for any festive occasion. The festival season is right around the corner, so we are eager to indulge and spread the pearls of happiness far and wide. We endeavor to provide the best quality sweets to the people of Hyderabad and be a part of all their celebrations.”