Bumble’s India Relationship Expert Shahzeen Shivdasani shares tips on how to approach dating during this festival season

Telugu super news, October 13, 2022: The festive season can be tough and stress-inducing, especially if you’re trying to navigate your family and relatives during this time. Festivals can bring on various familial and societal pressures when it comes to our dating lives and choices. Bumble reveals traditional matchmaking by family and relatives as the biggest pressure faced by single Indians during the festival season in India. Daters in India who were surveyed also claim that they are asked questions about getting married (77.1%) and feel pressured to be in a serious, committed relationship (71.7%).

Almost 2 in 5 (39%) single Indians surveyed have experienced traditional matchmaking by families and relatives and over 3 in 10 (31%) single Indians have experienced questions asking when they will get married during Diwali. Over a third (36%) of single Indians surveyed said they have experienced traditional matchmaking by families and relatives during Durga Puja while over a third (35%) of single Indians surveyed said they have experienced traditional matchmaking by families and relatives during Navratri.

The festive season can be an easy time for finding love online. Bumble’s India Relationship Expert, Shahzeen Shivdasani shares advice to help you navigate dating during this time to find the right connection this festive season.

A festive online dating profile bio: Take the time to craft your online dating profile bio to showcase your genuine interests, likes and dislikes, hobbies and even your favourite food that you crave during this festival season. Sharing common interests can spark a connection. You can also try a quirky conversation starter like, “You’re the best deal I’ve seen this Diwali” 

Keep it fun and festive: While you might be eager to find your perfect meet-cute moment, just go with the flow to keep it fun and festive. It’s one of the best times to learn about your partner in a variety of situations – fun and loose with friends, empathetic with family and even celebrating with each other. The key is to date with a relaxed, and optimistic attitude. After all, your goal is to set a strong and healthy foundation for your relationship.

Take it at your pace: All of that joyful merriment can sometimes be a bit too much to take in. If you have just started dating someone new, it might be tempting to invite them to a Diwali party with your friends. Take the time to ask yourself if you’re comfortable with that. What you should remember is dating during the festive season should leave you feeling confident and comfortable in your own decision. As opposed to diving into intimate gatherings with friends and relatives with your new date too fast, try planning romantic dates together to get to know each other better.

Small moments count: Dating during the festival season doesn’t necessarily mean expensive gifts or grand gestures. Festivals are a great time to get to know each other in a deeper, more meaningful way–from favourite sweets and namkeen snacks that you like to your own little festival traditions that you have been keeping since your childhood. Those can make for great memories to share on dates during the festivals. 

Finding the right balance: During this time, you’re often balancing between family and other priorities but that doesn’t mean you can’t find time for yourself. It may feel tempting to give up and not even bother, but you might be missing out on opportunities to connect with some wonderful people. So, whether it is making time to prioritize things you want for your own personal growth or trying to put yourself out there to meet someone new, find the right balance that works for you. And, don’t be afraid to make your dates short and sweet during the festive season!. This research was commissioned by Bumble and conducted by Censuswide across India with a sample of 2000 single adults between August 12-17, 2022.