Stride Toward Heart Health: AstraZeneca and KIMS Hospital Join Forces for Heart Mitra Awareness Walkathon in Hyderabad

Telugu super news,India, 26 December,2023: AstraZeneca India Pharma Ltd., a science-led biopharmaceutical company and KIMS Hospital, Secunderabad, successfully concluded the Heart Mitra Awareness Walkathon, a collaborative initiative aimed at raising awareness about heart health, in Hyderabad. The event underscores the critical importance of prioritizing heart health, particularly considering the alarming increase in cardiovascular issues affecting the city.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) have witnessed a concerning surge, especially among the younger population. According to a study by the Global Burden of Disease, the cardiovascular death rate in India reached 282 per 100,000 people in 2020, surpassing the global average of 233 per 100,000 people. Notably, Indians under 50 years of age frequently experience coronary artery disease (CAD), also known as ischemic heart disease, with mortality rates 20–50% higher than in any other population. This stark reality emphasizes the urgency of addressing heart health concerns among the younger demographic.

Dr. Anil Kukreja, Vice President – Medical Affairs & Regulatory, AstraZeneca India, said, “Prioritizing heart health is not just a commitment; it’s a shared responsibility. Driven by the urgency to address the escalating concerns among the younger demographic, we, at AstraZeneca, are committed to improving healthcare outcomes. Global trends reveal a decline in cardiovascular disease deaths in developed nations, yet the burden persists predominantly in low- and middle-income countries. AstraZeneca’s dedication extends beyond pharmaceutical innovation – we are resolute in raising awareness about non-communicable diseases. The collaboration with KIMS Hospital for the Heart Mitra Awareness Walkathon is a testament to our commitment. Together, with a patient-first approach, we aim to shine a light on the imperative to swiftly detect and manage cardiovascular issues, fostering a future of better health outcomes.”

“Leading the way with a 5 km walkathon, our cardiology team strides towards a healthier future. Our collaboration with AstraZeneca indicates our collective commitment to prioritizing heart health as an imperative and we aim to reverse the concerning statistics by raising awareness about the burden of cardiac diseases. Early detection is a pivotal aspect of our strategy, and through initiatives like the 5 km walk, we strive to create awareness about the importance of recognizing symptoms early on for better management and prevention” said Dr RK Jain, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, KIMS Hospital, Secunderabad.

As a continued commitment to prioritize community well-being, AstraZeneca India successfully hosted a walkathon in Ahmedabad earlier this week, marking the beginning of a series of events aimed at promoting heart health. The momentum will continue with the upcoming walkathons scheduled in Mumbai on the 24th and 31st December. Through these initiatives, AstraZeneca strives to foster awareness and encourage positive lifestyle choices, contributing to the collective well-being of communities. Join us in taking strides towards a healthier, heart-conscious future.

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