Starting August 25 – Watch the biggest Bengali Blockbuster of 2022 – Aparajito – The Undefeated on ZEE5


After releasing in the theatres on May 13, 2022, Anik Datta next, is all set for its digital premiere. Come August 25, ZEE5, India’s largest homegrown OTT and multilingual storyteller will release the biggest blockbuster Bengali film of 2022, Aparajito – The Undefeated on the platform. Produced by Firdausl Hasan and Probal Halder, the film is a tribute to master filmmaker Satyajit Ray and portrays his struggle to make the international classic Pather Panchali. 

Shot in black and white, Aparajito is set in early 1950’s in Calcutta giving it a vintage feel. The movie unfolds the story of a man called Aparajito Ray (Apu), depicting the original Satyajit Ray who is set out to reconstruct his struggles to make the film Pather Panchali. The movie traces the journey of Apu, from wide-eyed child to intellectually curious teenager and the growing complexity of his relationship with his mother. The movie further highlights his battles and the trips he makes to producers and money lenders to garner funds for the movie. Aparajito – The Undefeated narrative follows a realistic chronology, close to how Ray did it himself. 

Commenting on the digital premiere, Manish Kalra, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 India says, “As the multilingual storyteller of India and Bharat alike, we at ZEE5 are focused on delivering the best content for our viewers by partnering with diverse storytellers across languages. We are happy to announce the digital premiere of Aparajito – The Undefeated; one of the finest Bengali movies made recently. With powerful performances, the movie accurately portrays Satyajit Ray and his contribution to the industry.”

Director Anik Dutta adds, “Aparajito – The Undefeated is not only a tribute to Ray but the story of someone who has confidence in his abilities, talent and can overcome all the hurdles and roadblocks while achieving what he had set out to do. If you truly believe that you can accomplish your dreams you can make those dreams, come true. I am delighted that we have partnered with ZEE5 so our movie can be available to audiences across 190+ countries.”


Actor Jeetu Kamal said, “Stepping into Satyajit Ray shoes for a big deal for me. I would say I was rather fortunate. Post the theatrical release, I was applauded for my performance but a digital premiere for any film is important. I am glad a larger set of audience will get a chance to watch it via the digital release on ZEE5. Looking forward to the response there as well.” 

Catch 2022’s biggest Bengali Blockbuster movie – Aparajito – The Undefeated exclusively on ZEE5

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