SANOY: Celebrating Hyderabad’s Heritage of Authenticity

Telugu super news, Hyderabad,February 20,2024: In Hyderabad, a city where heritage and authenticity are woven into the very fabric of everyday life, SANOY finds a harmonious home. This launch in Hyderabad is a tribute to the city’s enduring spirit of genuine self-expression, mirroring SANOY’s core belief in “Wearing Your True Skin.”

Today marks a new chapter in the beauty industry as SANOY, the latest offering from Heugah Luxury Goods Private Limited, unveils its groundbreaking skincare line. SANOY stands as a testament to the inherent beauty within each individual, advocating for a skincare routine that is genuine, effective, and unpretentious.

In an era where beauty standards are often dictated by unrealistic expectations, SANOY takes a stand to declutter the chaos. It redefines beauty as an experience of self-appreciation and natural allure. Each product in the SANOY range is meticulously formulated with the purest ingredients, ensuring that they not only care for the skin but also for the well-being of the individual.

‘Our goal is to cut through the noise,’ states Bhanumurty Kolluru, CEO, at Heugah Luxury Goods. ‘SANOY is about embracing the skin you’re in. It’s about nourishing your true self without the facade of needless complexity.’

The beauty sector is often captivated by the allure of the new and unconventional. However, the COO of Heugah Luxury Goods Private Limited Mr. Bhanu Kolluru, believes that true innovation lies in embracing the essentials. While brands like Loreal and Garnier have pioneered remarkable advances, SANOY is here to remind us that the foundation of genuine skincare remains unchanged—pure, simple, and effective. It’s about embracing the beauty of reality, the comfort of simplicity, and the integrity of products that serve our true needs.

The SANOY range is a curated collection of skincare essentials, free from the hyperbolic claims that saturate the market. From rejuvenating night creams to protective day creams, each product is a celebration of what truly matters in skincare – nourishment, protection, and the celebration of one’s true self.

SANOY is committed to transparency, sustainability, and simplicity. It stands as a beacon for those who seek to wear their skin with pride and confidence, undistorted by the filters of contemporary beauty narratives.

‘We’re not just launching products. We’re launching a belief. A belief that beauty is not about alteration but about revelation,’ adds Mr. Bhanumurty Kolluru.

As SANOY graces the shelves of Hyderabad’s esteemed retailers, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace your inherent beauty. Discover more about SANOY’s commitment to authentic skincare by visiting Together with the vibrant spirit of Hyderabad, SANOY celebrates the genuine essence of “Wearing Your True Skin.”

Heugah Luxury Goods Private Limited

Heugah Luxury Goods Private Limited (HLGPL) charts a unique course in the luxury domain, delving into the depths of human emotions and the rich tapestry of life’s myriad experiences. Far removed from the conventional confines of fashion, HLGPL is dedicated to forging profound connections, celebrating the authenticity and emotional resonance that underpin our very existence.

With the launch of Sanoy, HLGPL’s inaugural brand, the company embarks on a journey to transform intangible emotions into tangible expressions, making every product a reflection of the genuine, unarticulated connections that bind us. HLGPL stands as a testament to an ethos that values more than just the aesthetic appeal of luxury—it champions the stories, dreams, and desires that resonate with our collective human spirit, making every HLGPL creation, starting with Sanoy, a beacon of true expression in the luxury landscape.

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